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Finally Sepang

I have been to Sepang International Circuit (SIC) for a few times, but never actually went inside. ​And when every time there was an event and I was in town I was not able to make it.

I cut short my Penang trip (initially planning to stay about 3 days longer) and went to Kuala Lumpur earlier, as my friend was working on the then new Toyota GT86 and Camry launch. The launch was 2 days (+1 day preparation), I was there documenting behind the scenes of the preparation and get a first look at the new cars.

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and I'm back

Its been a while since I updated my website, well its because I was on a long and strange trip recently. 

Starting with Penang for a few days.

Photo taken by a friend... out of focus ... *sigh*

Then down to Kuala Lumpur, finally went down to Sepang International Circuit. Yes there were cars incoming!!!

Then off to Tokyo, Japan for a few days. Very nice city, must go back to visit some day!

Me being a tourist. 

Actually Ive been back for over a week. But was kinda busy with stuff, finally got time to start sorting out the photos. I'll try my best to process my photos and publish them. Hopefully wont take years to do that :)

Till then, Cheers




Miss Borneo Beautiful at the Club Lobby Lounge

Was invited to go over to see the preview of the Miss Borneo Beautiful talent show last night at the Club Lobby Lounge. The Grand Final Show will be held at Riverside Majestic Hotel on 18th November. So if you want to go give your support to the lovely ladies you know where to go. I'm not sure about ticket details but I'm sure its been sold out, you can try contact the organisers at their official website

The color of the photos gets better as it was quite challenging earlier on. :P








I went to the event without much expectations as, I didnt really know what to expect from a talent show. Some were way better than others tho. Definately entertaining. At the end of the show, apparently it was Miss Shayndee Dunstan's (I hope I got the name right) birthday.

Two candles... 

I think she was a bit touched by the organisers =) 

Rivals Friends wishing her well

Interesting group shot, please ignore the flash sticking out from the bottom of the frame =.=

I wish the girls all the best tomorrow :)

More photos at my facebook page. 




[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, 80-200]



Délifrance in Kuching

Some would say "Finally" but for me it's just another place to have good western food. Not to say its no good or anything, but it is not on top of my to die for food yet... it has a long way to fight with Laksa, Kolomee, Kampua, Beef Noodles and much more here in Kuching. 

Kinda forgot to take photo of the outlet from the road. Basically its located at the main entrance of the Hills Shopping Mall

Since it's a new place, a number of bloggers were invited to go check it out. Some free snacks where given and heaps of drinks. Someone had SIX hot chocolates! Goodness. And she still wanted more ! 

Signing in~ 

Ladies were given shawl's, nothing for the guys hehe

Baguette's to bring home~ 

Like this display area. 

So we were all squeezed into the BLOGGERS ZONE!!! I guess they didn't expect so many people to turn up.

Sample food! Cannot touch! Cannot eat ah! lol!

The cakes looks delicious!



Many reporters yesterday, many familiar faces.

I didn't know opening of Délifrance required video coverage. Wah! I wonder if I was on TV or not just now!


More mingling ~ Desmond and CK

Dutchez mingling~ 

Didnt know how it happend, when I got back to my seat, I got me an expresso~ nais! 

Then appetizers appeared!

Then some more food decided to appear before us~ lol

Lastly some delicious cake arrived. All the while we were being served with juice and cafine~ oberdoze

some random leftovers of the night!

Everyone is bz with their gadgets

Rose and Yien Yien getting the money shot. 

Yien Yien curi Frankie's camera

Yeah, I'm sure Frankie will be surprise to find whats in his memory card xD

Someone's not paying attention! 


Found this photo in my camera, shot by Raiz the reporter. 

Love this shot, can I claim it to be me shooting, Raiz ? hehe 

Hopefully more and more branded chain's come in to Kuching, so we all can have more choices other than Laksa, Laksa, Laksa, and laksa. xD


[Gears Nikon D300, 17-55]


Long Sunday

Today was in a delima either to go shoot the drag race under the hot sun or shoot a pretty lady under the hot sun. Obviously the latter was more compelling. :P

Blue grenade =)The day started out at around 8am when I woke up before my alarm went off. Then it was off to meet Willy (the organiser) to have breakfast. I was wondering why are we shooting at the harshesh hour of the day. We were suppose to start shooting at around 11pm. I have no idea why I was at the coffeeshop so early for! Anyways the photoshooting FINALLY got going at around 2pm (5 hours of doing pretty much nothing), below are some of my randomness when not paying attention to the pretty girl. 

grassTransformerrusted metal gratepineWe finally concluded our shoot at around 530pm. Im hungry, and tired. Now I got to rest for the movie Transformers 3 tonite! Woot! 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm f/1.4, 17-55 f/2.8, 80-200mm f/2.8]