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Shabu Shabu and Movies

I love watching movies at the cinema. Therefore a while back I created a group in facebook for me and my friends who share the same love of watching movies. So we can better coordinate movie watching and such. Since everyone has a facebook account and smart phones. 

As Chinese New Year is approaching, we decided to have a get together, and have dinner at Rolling Shabu Shabu together before going off to watch a movie. RM 28.80 per person, all you can eat. Not bad, unfortunately I cannot eat much!

At first it was suppose to be around 18 pax but in the end only 12pax showed up. Two got lost, and four decided to go do other things.

Alvin loves his meat.

*ehem* Us girls :P

The other side of the table xD

Shooting from the toilet.

Desmond wants more food! 

After an hour of eating, we all gave up.

Kaki photo boss with his 50mm 1.4G!

Foosi trying to act cute! 

Then we scooted off to MBO. The traffic was horrible! Lucky we headed off early. 

Yellow ceiling gives yellow skin tones. COOL! 

Mali Mali, lets group photo! 

Kaki movies! Davy, Jocelyn, Desmond, Cecilia, Patricia, Alvin, Me, Calvin, Frankie, and Kally. Hopefully one of this days can get a bigger group photo. 

More friends! I see two people hiding behind! haha!

So we watched Underworld: Awakening. It was not bad. Fighting from the get go. Good special effects. My only question is how come her hand guns do not need to be reloaded, and where does she stores all the grenades on her super tight costume? AND after taking so many bullets, how come the costume no damage, still very shiney and nice??


After movie, pay for parking, and leave for zzz~ 


Till next movie. 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]





I love popcorn

I love pop corn! Especially when watching movies!

I guess any snack could be as good when watching movies to keep the mouth occupied and not speaking or something. 

Did you know popcorn is the oldest snack in the world? Coming close to 5,000 year old (according to http://www.essortment.com/history-popcorn-41743.html) ! 

There is even a website dedicated to one of the oldest snack in the world... http://www.popcorn.org/

Aside from going to the movies (cinemas) I think most of us never ever consume them at home.  


So who wants to join me for a movie and lets go munch on some popcorns!



MBO what are you doing ?

I was looking forward to the movie "The Expendables" which opens on 13th August 2010(friday 13th). So in anticipation I went on 12th to try and purchase the tickets.

As usual I parked my car and then walked up to the cineplex area. When I turn to walk into the main doorway, it was closed and there was a sign on it.

HmmmIt seems they HAD to close for maintenance. I bet tomorrow there will be a flood of people trying to get tickets to the movie. Ugh. If you do not know what is the movie about, well probably you can have a look at the trailer below.

Yeap. That looks pretty interesting right? All those big Hollywood action stars. I wonder why this movie is not getting more coverage, even the vampire movie got more coverage. Is our society turning more metro then macho ? Oh well. That would be a topic for another day. I'm beat, its 2am and I'm still slightly buzzed. Remember to get your tickets early to avoid disappointment! 





New Year 2009

I guess by now everyone has updated their blogs / journals about how they partied thru the night and did the countdown with all the beautiful people at the place where they live. And either they talk about the final day of 2008 and what they did and what will they do in 2009. Well I will do the same as well, slowly :P within a span of a few days time, I'm sorry if I'm long winded :-P

Let me tell you how I spent my countdown . . .

I was watching a movie which I downloaded called Resident Evil - Degeneration.

Resident Evil? Yeah, its the animated version. And the storyline follows from the games. Do a search and you will know what I'm talking about. I didn't even know that it was a new movie... As there was not much news about it, anywhere.

Lets have a look at the time line of the movies from the Resident Evil franchise

1. Resident Evil: Ground Zero (2002)
2. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
3. Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
4. Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)

This movie looks and feels like the CG cut scenes from the games series. They did a really good job with the animation. But still some how the characters look and feel "dead". The lights, shadows, reflections and dynamics looks good. Motion as well. When it came to facial expression, it does not really come thru~ No soul in the eyes, maybe. To me it looks and feel plastic ... fake

Here are some screen shots~


As you can see the characters looks fake and plastic, why? because humans have imperfections, we are not born with flawless skin, or symmetrical face and etc. Its the imperfections that makes us unique from one another.

One thing that they did really well was fire! and water. basic elements of nature. But for wind, well it didn't really seem natural, still it was better than many other CG's I have seen before.

If you had followed the game franchise you will understand what happened in Racoon City. Else the movie was still very much watchable. And entertaining too.

If I had to give it a rating where 10 being Awesome and 0 being Rubbish, I would give it a rating of 8½ points.






So that was my quick review of the movie... now back to my count down story :-P if your still interested to know. I started watching the movie around 10pm and by 11pm I was sleepy so I stopped the movie and went to sleep.

Then my slumber was interupted by a loud bang's and booms!

Whats that you say? Thats the view of my window and the noise polution that started just right around midnight. I was so lazy to get out of bed, so I took the photo from my bed with the Nokia e63. There was some celebrations down at the Boulevard Shopping Center just down the road from where I stay.

It was all over in about 10 mins time, so I tried to get back to sleepzzzzzz.






Then the alarm went off at 4.00AM. rolled myself out of bed and started to get ready to go pick up the guys from MV Doulos, who are going to hunt for sunrise with us(nutters who wakes up at 4am to look for sunrise that comes at 630am).

Well, that's another post for another time ;) now I need to go find dinner. Hmmm... what to eat , what to eat.

So Yups~ Thats how I spent my countdown~ SLEEPING!


Cheers everyone~! Happy 2009!