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Swanky Sarah

Swanky sarah is a new boutique styled dinning place located at where simplicious used to be.​ For reasons unknown to me, it has changed management and got rebranded. But honestly the food still amazing. I think for the better. In any case you can dine and shop at the same place. 

NOTE: this establishment serves PORK. ​

Also when we were there it was not opened for business, but now it is!

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86 before launch

I was fortunate to have friends whose working in the industry and I got the opportunity to go to Sepang Circuit and also witness (document) the behind the scenes of the launch. These photos are taken before the cars were fully detailed

I guess its another plus to have the cars to shoot without so many other media present, which I will show in the next posting on the following days event.​

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Ship Launch

Was invited by a friend, Ronny to withness the launching of one of their companies product, a vessel, a sand barge. It was my first time getting up close to a ship launching, interesting.

We arrived at the location around 5.15pm and we proceeded to go over the dock yard via boat. 

This good looking fellow was following the boat, shuffling us to and fro from the dock yard. 

This was the driver of the boat :)

Ronny, Colin, Yew Hung, and Paul. (left to right)

A bit of makan makan before the launching

Family business. Ship building.

The buidlers.

One thing tho, we were losing a lot of light waiting for "time" to launch. So some of us had to boost up the ISO, for me, I bring out my Nikon speedlights. 

Only few mins between the shot above and the one before it. We were losing a lot of light. I had set up my primary flash about 25 feet to the left of my position. Triggered via CLS.

I think this was my shot of the night. So many things going on, people were blocking my line of sight towards the primary flash I had to relook for a better angle. :(

And before you can say champaign, it had already smashed into the ship :(

Oh well it was a good experience. Would love to have another go at it. One thing that was not expected was the amount of sand flies that there were in the area. Ouch.


Thanks Ronny


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50]



Switch's Grand Launch

Switch has been a tenant at the Spring for a few years now. Yesterday they officially moved into their new location which was better and bigger. 

The new location is just next to MPH bookstore

Rose extended the invitation to me from Switch to attend the openning of the store. Just a brief about the store. Besides the big bump in real estate (and rental) the store's status has changed. Previously it had Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR) status which allowed them to carry a selected amount of Apple hardware & software. Now, they have been upgraded to Apple Premium Reseller (APR). Besides providing a full range of Apple products, there is also a training room, where they could provide classes for customers to help them familiarize themselves with their Apple product, and a service centre. A service center is VERY IMPORTANT. My friend's who are using Apple products normally bring their gadgets to Singapore to get it serviced. Hopefully the service here is good and does not cost a bomb. So far my iMac '08 is still alive and kicking. I hope I do not need to visit the service center :P.

Switch is 1 of 4 Apple Service Providers in Malaysia, which means it is the only one in East Malaysia. \o/

Now for the actual event. Kinda start at around 10am. While we (bloggers) slowly appeared. Trickling in by around 11.30am.

There were quite a number of people there when we arrived. Everyone's kinda excited about the new store. It was alright for me, as there were not much I have not seen. Except the OS X Lion, which I have not upgdaded to. 

Bloggers taking a look at one new Apple iMac's. Whats put so much smile on their faces? (see next picture)

Aha~ it was Photobooth. Always fun!

I kind of like how they used the space. I think its better utilized than the previous tenant. 

vBlogger Mike Cheng at work. 

Potential customer :) checking out Beats by Dr. Dre headphone

Closer look. MMMM white looks awesome. 

Potential customers testing the Apple iPad2. 

Everyones checking the products available. Switch had a lot of staff on standby that day. That's pretty cool.

Product shelf.

More products

This is where the magic happens :P where u get to own an Apple product. hehe.

This is a very important shelf. hehe! Apple Care packs!

Moshi Moshi~ hehe whats this?

Its a handset ! for your mobile phone. While its kinda cute, I think it kind of defeats the purpose of going WIRELESS.

Many other designs and colors to choose from. 

It was around noonish when the emcee started. With quizies and prizes for those who answered correctly. 

There were two games which the general public can attend. Namely the Fruit Ninja competition and the treasure hunt. While waiting for the event to start, we mingled and tested out the offerings.

Kally showing how to play Fruit Ninja while ppl look on...


Rose found a familiar face on one of the Macs. hehehe

Starting of the Fruit Ninja games~ All the contestant already pre-registered earlier in the day.

One of the contestants.

Everyone paying attention to projection screen.

Mike's recording everything...

Everyone's recording the event :)

Another contender.

The Fruit Ninja Champion!

Next was the Treasure Hunt. 

It lasted about 30 odd mins. Most of us were hanging out at Starbucks when it came to an end. :) 

Everyone paying attention to the instructions.

Overall I think it was quite a decent launch event. Everyone had fun and thats most important. 

So what did I get in my goodie bag?

Cases for iPad2 and iPhone4. ... Now all I need the devices to use them on~ woot! 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55mm f/2.8]



Win Samsung Galaxy Tab ! ! !

Nope, its not a scam. For this month of September you can get a chance to win yourself one of 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (Wifi) at The Club. 

Want to find out how, I'll tell you later after I show you the food that they gave us to taste that night. Yummy. 

Seasonal Fruits Skewer on PineappleCheese CakeI cannot recall what name cos I dont really like this :P a bit bitterPrawn CrackersTamago Kryuri SushiUnagi MakiDeep Fried something =.= getting old! Pan Seared Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce. EVERYONES FAV!Ok, enough making myself go hungry looking and thinking of the food. You all want to know how to get the chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab right ? Its very easy, just spend more than RM 50.00 in a single reciept at The Club Lobby Lounge any day this month of September during happy hour (5pm to 9pm). Pop the lucky draw chit into the box in the first picture above. And wait for your name to be called to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Easy right. For those whom always go for Happy Hours, why not take this chance, who knows you might be one of the lucky 3~ ? 

Incase you didnt know, The Club Lobby Lounge is at Riverside Majestic Hotel, on the right of the lobby. Its opened from 9am till 1am. If you have any queries call 082-247 777 for more information.

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