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Tattoo me good

My friends wanted to get some tattoos done by his cousin, who was back from overseas. I have not shot much of tattoos really, except during the tattoo convention recently. So I jumped at the chance of trying to catch a few images and some videos. The video footage I'm still deciding on how best to combine everything. Anyways here are some photos taken back in March. 

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Shabu Shabu and Movies

I love watching movies at the cinema. Therefore a while back I created a group in facebook for me and my friends who share the same love of watching movies. So we can better coordinate movie watching and such. Since everyone has a facebook account and smart phones. 

As Chinese New Year is approaching, we decided to have a get together, and have dinner at Rolling Shabu Shabu together before going off to watch a movie. RM 28.80 per person, all you can eat. Not bad, unfortunately I cannot eat much!

At first it was suppose to be around 18 pax but in the end only 12pax showed up. Two got lost, and four decided to go do other things.

Alvin loves his meat.

*ehem* Us girls :P

The other side of the table xD

Shooting from the toilet.

Desmond wants more food! 

After an hour of eating, we all gave up.

Kaki photo boss with his 50mm 1.4G!

Foosi trying to act cute! 

Then we scooted off to MBO. The traffic was horrible! Lucky we headed off early. 

Yellow ceiling gives yellow skin tones. COOL! 

Mali Mali, lets group photo! 

Kaki movies! Davy, Jocelyn, Desmond, Cecilia, Patricia, Alvin, Me, Calvin, Frankie, and Kally. Hopefully one of this days can get a bigger group photo. 

More friends! I see two people hiding behind! haha!

So we watched Underworld: Awakening. It was not bad. Fighting from the get go. Good special effects. My only question is how come her hand guns do not need to be reloaded, and where does she stores all the grenades on her super tight costume? AND after taking so many bullets, how come the costume no damage, still very shiney and nice??


After movie, pay for parking, and leave for zzz~ 


Till next movie. 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]





Dolls and Such at Full House

As I had a late morning  the night before I was not sure I was going to make it to yum cha session with my cosfriends. They gathered at FullHouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Hills Shopping mall around 1pm or so. I arrived around 2+ to find actual dolls. I was given the impression that they would doll up. Haha! Cool, nevertheless. 

These dolls look good, with most of the major joints movable. So you basically can pose them how ever you want. But due to the big head and hair, its kinda top heavy. 

Some of them are quite big in size. And also heavy!

So most of them are in a seated position hehe!

Even with the stand, she's kinda floating hehe~ 

I kinda like this look of this doll. Different colored irises. 

This is the resident doll at Full House.

What a tiny prop, so cute.

Lolli's love cakes... :)

Randomly posing around the place.

Everyone is taking photo of everyone.

Everyone's busy. Love this shot. 

Randomly left, right left right. 

Another random shot aiming over my shoulder. LOL!

flanked by lolli's

Tea time

Tiny pony

Sitting around

Group Shot! With the resident doll.

Well it was fun meeting up with the cosplayers and doll collectors. And it was my first time at Full house. I didnt try the food there but the location looks good. All the photos were unedited save for the water mark and resize. Probably should do a cosplay portrait shoot one of these days. 

You can find the full album at my facebook page




[Gears: Nikon D300. 17-55, 50]