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Swanky Sarah

Swanky sarah is a new boutique styled dinning place located at where simplicious used to be.​ For reasons unknown to me, it has changed management and got rebranded. But honestly the food still amazing. I think for the better. In any case you can dine and shop at the same place. 

NOTE: this establishment serves PORK. ​

Also when we were there it was not opened for business, but now it is!

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Shabu Shabu and Movies

I love watching movies at the cinema. Therefore a while back I created a group in facebook for me and my friends who share the same love of watching movies. So we can better coordinate movie watching and such. Since everyone has a facebook account and smart phones. 

As Chinese New Year is approaching, we decided to have a get together, and have dinner at Rolling Shabu Shabu together before going off to watch a movie. RM 28.80 per person, all you can eat. Not bad, unfortunately I cannot eat much!

At first it was suppose to be around 18 pax but in the end only 12pax showed up. Two got lost, and four decided to go do other things.

Alvin loves his meat.

*ehem* Us girls :P

The other side of the table xD

Shooting from the toilet.

Desmond wants more food! 

After an hour of eating, we all gave up.

Kaki photo boss with his 50mm 1.4G!

Foosi trying to act cute! 

Then we scooted off to MBO. The traffic was horrible! Lucky we headed off early. 

Yellow ceiling gives yellow skin tones. COOL! 

Mali Mali, lets group photo! 

Kaki movies! Davy, Jocelyn, Desmond, Cecilia, Patricia, Alvin, Me, Calvin, Frankie, and Kally. Hopefully one of this days can get a bigger group photo. 

More friends! I see two people hiding behind! haha!

So we watched Underworld: Awakening. It was not bad. Fighting from the get go. Good special effects. My only question is how come her hand guns do not need to be reloaded, and where does she stores all the grenades on her super tight costume? AND after taking so many bullets, how come the costume no damage, still very shiney and nice??


After movie, pay for parking, and leave for zzz~ 


Till next movie. 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]





Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge

Simplicious Resturant & Lounge have opened for business for about 4 months at least. But back then they were still building their menu and training their staff. Its my second time there. This time I was there and was given a delicious tasting of their offerings from the menu. 

The design of the place was quite nice. Its an old house renovated with a good style sense providing a good ambience to share a meal with your friends and loved ones. I was surprised that it was quite spacious inside. Normally houses converted to eateries are kind of small and cramped. These guys seem to have better planning. 

Note: While the place does NOT SERVE PORK, it is not hallal food establishement as they sell alcoholic breverages. 

All around the place you can find 'artifacts' from the past. Please pay no attention to the senget photos. It happens when I have not taken photos for a while. Calibration was off. :P

I kinda love this wall.  How every thingy was not exactly aligned yet it is still clean. Dont know how to describe it.

Beverages come from here. 

Thanks Yien Yien for extending the invite. Thanks Carol for having us!

Who else was there? Ah Lost, Yien Yien and Jaq (she was excited when they offered alchoholic drinks. She went, SAYA MAU!)

Also Jimmy (Jimmy, your site very slow to load la! Too many advertisement dy!)was there was well. 

Besides us the noisy bunch, there was a reporter and a photographer from the WOW book (who seems quite annoyed with us, sorry lo).

Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon.

Home Roasted Chicken.

Pan Seared Seabass

Beef Sirloin.

Lamb Rack. D e l i c i o u s ! ! !

Ceasar Salad with smoked salmon.

Wild Mushroom soup

Mashed potatoes. Looks can be decieving, very tasty.

Pasta Aglio Olio with turkey ham and mushroom

Pasta Tomato Sauce with assorted seafood

Thai Beef Salad. One of the most popular dish. Apparantly everyone except me have never tasted it. 

Giant Platter

Now for some mocktails. 

Minty Refresher

Honolulu Tango

Lychee Fizz. 

Jimmy hard at work.

Irish Ice Cream

Frutti Merry. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Yien Yien promoting the imported alcoholic breverages available at Simplicious. 

Im so going to be killed for posting this photo.... x_X

I think she eally likes her drinks... Hmm...

Which one was good? Well thats up for personally preferences. 

After having a merry time drinking and eating. We went upstairs, to have a tour. MORE SPACE!


Whats this? DO NOT SIT!

Its actually the bed. Have not been screwed together properly yet. So, you have been warned!

Since your still here, there is going to be a HALLOWEEN PARTY this 29/10. Early birds tickets are RM 39.00 after that its RM 49.00.

For those who want to make inqueries below are the info you need. If you have special functions, remember to call and book early to avoid dissapointment.

Tel: +6082 253 813 

Addnress: No. 39, Jalan Pisang (off green road), Kuching, Sarawak.


Here is a map in case you dont know how to find it.

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See you there for the Halloween Party!



BCCK Ramadan Buffet is Back

They say its Bigger and Better compared to last year, Hmm.. I have no idea but it is definately BIG. It starts from 5th to 26th August 2011. So if you have not been there, its definately worth the drive down there. There was about roughly 100 items for everyone to taste but the menu will be rotated on a weekly basis on every friday. 

This is the entrance to the great hall where the management had ushers guide the dinner guests to their respective tables. Very well thought and organised. I missed the mad rush of people because I arrived late (again!). If you must know, I had some car troubles about 100kms away. 

Impressed with the layout and decor. Purple is the new black ?

I really like this. It is basically to showcase what they can do for weddings and other functions. Smart. 

Buffet area. 



For me, this was the best dish available.


From another angle~ 

Kolomee? dang, Im getting more and more hungry! 

This was what I started off with. The beef was exceptional. No complains! Then there was just a flow of too much food which I cant even recall what I had as I was pretty tired and slightly blur.


More desert~

Chocolate fondue anyone?

Cake anyone?

more cakes!

While this is only for display, its still nice to see... this is not color corrected, straight off the camera!

... it was really GOOD!!!

Our table~

Nice to catch up with the rest for a nice dinner again~ woot! So if your interested for some delicious buffet and want to give BCCK a try, do make reservations to avoid dissapointment! 

Its RM 65 nett for adults and RM 25 nett for children aged between 5-12 years old. Call 082-392 889 from 9am to 6pm daily.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]