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Times bookstore @ Hills

I was having lunch today at mc donalds and then drop by the hills to have a look around. There were many shops which has not opened up for business but the Times bookstore was already opened.

So I walked inside. Looks like they have a decent collection of books. Walked in further I saw this

One shelf on photographyOne shelf is better than non I guess. What caught me by surprise was the selection of books. They had, The moment it clicks by Joe McNally. A really good book which I already bought from amazon.com recently (filed under: cha-ching, pissed off, long day). Times Bookstore was selling it for RM 170+ (cant recall exactly plus or minus RM20 :P).

When I stepped close to the shelves I noticed one book that looked familiar. As I got closer I realized its my other fav author’s book, Scott Kelby. The book on display was non other than The Digital Photography Book: Volume 3. I actually wanted to get this book as well along with my other purchases from amazon.com. But due to budget constraints I limited myself to 3 books per purchase to spread the shipping cost.

Times Bookstore was selling it for RM 83.60. I know in my mind if I bought from amazon.com it would be cheaper. But holding the actual book on the other hand is a different thing than reading and trying to guess what is inside on the web page. So me being weak and pathetic person bought the book on a whim.

RM 83.60 Well spentComing back home after work, I went online and check the pricing on amazon.com. As I suspected excluding shipping it was RM 55.07 (US$16.49). Add in the sipping it would probably cost the same. That is why I normally buy 3 books per purchase to spread the shipping cost and averagely save about RM 80-100 on 3 books than buying them individually within Malaysia.


Oh well.. I could not resist the temptation! ARGH!


Note: Images were taken with Nokia n86.



Moshi. Moshi. Another day

Here are some updates to what have happened. After previous pissed off posting. I proceeded to email amazon.com regarding this issue. And last night I got a reply saying that they will exchange all the books for me. I guess I’ll have to pay for the shipping from here to US. And they will cover the return round. I guess its better than nothing.

On another note, I got moshi.

Was introduced by Jeffrey Sia to this amazing product. I got it in anticipation of the MBP which I purchased last week on 12 October 2009. I purchased it online and it is expected to arrive at my house estimated on the coming Friday.

But as you can see, it has reached Kuching on 19th October 2009. Actually I noticed the tracking yesterday that it has already reached Malaysia on 18th October 2009.

So I was out with Desmond this afternoon and I got a call from an unknown caller who said he was from DHL and was in front of my house already. o.O I jumped and rushed hope to recieve the package. LOL!

After inspecting the box and recieving it I rushed up to the room and open up the box. :D I would like to share some of the exciting moments below :P

:) and I’m now at Desmond’s place, needed to grab some software and so I’m posting from here ^__^ woo.. at least some good news amongst the bad news :)



quick update

wow, its coming to the end of the month and I have only made one posting! How amazing it that! well actually its very normal for me. I have this problem of not updating my stuff when I’m busy with work or something. So lets recap since my last posting here, what have I done.

Besides work, I have shot my friend’s latest purchase. The Yamaha R1.

It was difficult and exciting as I never had the chance to take photograpths of motorbikes before. They have more angles than cars. So it was challenging to find ways to take photos of it.

I think I did okay. Not too bad, considering it was my first time.

As you can see, I tried to do a strobist thingy.  hehe~ quite decent I think. Nikon CLS. More pics can be found on my facebook account.

Oh, this month our photography friend, Peter tied the knot with Staly. Congrats to them.

This was the craziness that happens when photographers gather without their equipment. :))

Video taken by Alvin with my Sony T90.

So after the dinner, we headed over to Kado, the usual hang out place for aspiring photographers. Whats the reason? I have no idea.

The madness continues.

So far its been an “action” packed three weeks. I just came back from a trip from Cameron Highlands. I went with Alex. I had a photo assignment there, and asked if he wanted to join since he was free. We went on the 12th July and returned on 15th July. Met my friends Jian Nin, Ian, Nigel, Kenneth, Thomas, Ivan, Siew Pao, and other new friends(Jack, Mickey). Good stuff. Will post photos of the trip once its done. I came back with 1,400 pics. ^_^” I was working on it for two nights. Completed now going to send it to Ian. What a rush, now I have to start packing as I’m heading to Sabah tomorrow at 9am. Gosh. Be back in Kuching on 21st July, then to Bintulu and Miri on 23rd and 24th. And probably back to KL on 1st August to attend Ian and Jian Nin’s wedding.

Just thinking about it makes me feel tired. Okay so that was the update. I better knock off from here and start to complete packing. Hopefully bring everything along.





Influenza A(H1N1)

Today the WHO announced that it has raised the Flu Alert is raised to level 6.

Our company had sent out an email weeks ago regarding this. If it does hit level 6, then we the laptop users were to :

  • All laptop users as described by “alternate between office/ house” in severe cases should be based at home as the last resort.

Heh~ then last week something came from HQ by courier.

We were suppose to clean our hands with this automated dispenser when ever we step into the office. Its battery operated and every each and one of us who enters the office must use it. Now tell me does your company does the same thing for you?


LoL! Well, at least we get to clean our hands :D Lets all stay safe and healthy.



Sunday outing

It was an impromptu decision by Alex and a few other guys to go buntal to try and catch the sunrise on Friday nite. Interestingly the night prior (sat nite) I could not sleep. I tried to sleep, but I ended up just laying in bed wide awake. By 2am. I was quite restless as I know this will a very tiring day. AND I purposely went to play badminton on Saturday evening to tire myself out so I could sleep early. So I got up at 2am in the morning, I had to be up at 4 am to get ready, so I watched Jack Blacks movie called Be Kind Rewind. It was a silly movie, nothing to shout about, but it helped me pass the time. By 3.30 am I finally was feeling tired, then I got a SMS from Derbe, "its raining now is the trip still on?" Just as my whole body relaxed and was about to have a good rest.

So by 4am my alarm went off, I climbed out of bed prepared my gear, and was out of the door by 4.30am. Picked Derbe and Ru, then headed off to the meeting place. And what do you know, met James and William having breakfast there. Stephen and Cecilia were there already. About 5mins later Alex, Micheal, Methos, and Alvin arrived. So all of us went up. And Micheal a good driver that he was, stayed below 60kph all the way up to Buntal village. -.- (he drove the same speed when coming down as well).

When we reached the location it was raining and was cloudy. Again we met up with William and James there. They were there with other photographers. To cut the story short, we were quite disappointed that there was no sunrise, but we tired our best. We still went ahead to find things to shoot as soon as the rain stopped.

An hour after the rain stopped it started again, forcing all of us to seek shelter at a coffee shop nearby. We had coffee and ate Derbe's sandwich breakfast(thanks Derbe, your a life saver). After warming ourselves up a bit with hot beverages we were all talking photography. Then Alex started to play with his camera, I borrowed his fish eye lens, and then everyone else picked up their camera and were moving about to find things to shoot. Ru found a lot of subjects as more and more people came in for their morning coffee.

By 9am plus the rain ceased and we headed out again for second rounds! After about an hour we called it quits. And headed down to Lu Lai Vegetarian Restaurant.

+A quick video 12 min video clip taken with the Nokia n96. Shredded down to about 1 mins worth of video, added soundtrack and credits and intro. Enjoy+

After lunch I came back home, transfer all the pictures to the computer, took a shower, rested a bit and then had high tea at McDonalds, and headed off to the Spring, to try and catch Serene in her cosplay costume with her friends. Called up Allen, he came, Derbe came along as well so we were there trying to flash each other silly. Then a quick dinner at Hui Sing, and back HOME!

Ah.. time to rest and pack. Flying to KL tomorrow for work. So no photo updates till after August. Because right after KL, I'll be headed down to Bintulu and Miri.

I think I'll have a good's night sleep tonight.


PS. I'll link everyone when I'm more awake later. or tomorrow or next week.