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I have known of IT Fusion for a while now. Especially Moorey from way back. Anyways I got my Apple iMac 20" from IT Fusion in 2008. Then now there was as expected new line up of refresh for Apple Mac line up. I only that they are having a clearance sale of things which have been superseded. 

yes the post have been there for quite a while but rest assured its quite updated. If your in the market for some Mac hardware on a budget, why not give Moorey a hollar at http://itfusion.my/clearance/

Top notch Kuching reseller! 



I have known Jorj for a while now. Probably a good 10 years? maybe one or two years more. He has always been smart and creative. Likes to play mah-jong and a few things. Amongst the few other things apparently lately its been photography. I have known of the site for a while now, but didnt realise there were updates and it has become a blog! I dont know why he has been keeping a low profile about it. Probably his closer friends may know of it.. or maybe he was not ready to show it. Who knows.

But me being me, have already added it into my links page. Cos I think its a well built site and deserves more traffic!

In case you have not figured out this web page, its http://www.cliked.com/