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Using MyTeksi

I'm not sure if its frustrating for you but for me, I find a taxi especially in Kuala Lumpur (KL) always feels like a daunting task.  We always hear and read about unscrupulous taxi drivers who over charge and tries to pull the wool over your eyes. I actually saw someone share this application (app) on facebook and it kind of perked my interested.

To cut the story short I have to share my two experiences with it. Bear with me.

I tried it when I was heading from Kelana Jaya LRT to ONE Utama shopping mall. No luck. There were many MyTeksi operators around Kelana Jaya LRT, but everyone(taxi drivers) declined. The app looked kind of cool and the response (the rejects / declines) was pretty immediate. So I didn't think much of it, I went down and asked for taxi about the price from Kelana Jaya to One Utama. Seems like RM 15.00 was the 'agreed' price. I know from the estimate on the MyTeksi app that it was ranging from RM 8 - 12. Not wanting to waste time, we just hopped in. Not two minutes into the drive the driver pulled out his Alcatel One Touch 2s smart phone and loaded the app MyTeksi. Hmmm... dodgy. 

My second experience was more positive. So here I was in Genting Highlands for a few nights, when I arrived I opened up the app and saw a few active users on screen. This meant that they were taxi operators with MyTeksi servicing that area as well. Cool. I searched for LCCT to get a guestimated the price and distance. It was about 123KM's away and RM 122 to RM 180.  Then I asked around the uncle taxis there. Flat rate RM 140.00. If we were to hire from in front of the lobby, RM 160.00 he said. Then we asked the bus from Genting to LCCT, RM 35.00 per person. We were in a party of 3 so it was RM 105.00 fare. Obviously the bus journey would take longer and more tiring. So we chose the MyTeksi. 

The interface is very well designed, simple and very easy to understand. Except for the + sign on the upper right. To my dismay tho there were no users active in my area. I just set the pick up time which was a day later at noon. And I hit the search button. Didn't really expect much, was about to give up hope when my phone vibrated and a taxi had accepted our request. There was also a booking confirmation sent to my email. 

You do have the option to cancel. But I would assume there is some sort of rating in place if you keep cancel the booking you may get black listed. If this sort of check is not in place, well it should be. As in my case I was in Genting and my taxi driver was at Batu Caves. It would be crap to drive up and find that you been stood up.

The next day we checked out and headed to the lobby at about 11.30 a.m. I decided to call the taxi driver to inform that we were already waiting. He was already there too, sweet. A few seconds later my phone buzzed, the app showed that the driver was closing in on my location. It was giving an approximate as I was some what indoors. No problems. Got into our taxi and started our journey down. Reached LCCT with heaps of time to spare and the total fare was RM 130.00 including toll. Which was still pretty decent if you compare to the uncle taxi who does not have to pay commission to anyone. 

This video above by MyTeksi is pretty comprehensive in explaining on how to use it. Its really not complicated. Basically its the same as calling the phone line but cheaper as most people with smart phone has a data plan and it also avoid problems such as miscommunication. Another plus is this has a better user experience. Showing the distance of the taxi and you is a nice touch with count down timer :) 

Overall I had a positive experience with MyTeksi. While chatting with our taxi driver he said that with this program it helped him increase his daily take by about RM 40. Thats a  whooping RM 1,200 per month give a take a few hundred. Good on him.

Hopefully this application is more widely used and adopted. Also they have a RM 9.99 offer from KL to LCCT but since I have not tried it I will not comment on it. Below are the links you will need.