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Installing Canon Digital Photo Professional without CD for Mac

Unfortunately I do not have the CD and very interestingly you can only get updaters from Canon's websites and not the installers. That basically means you have to have a pre-installed application such as Digital Photo Professional (DPP), EOS Utility, or Picture Style editor installed on your system before you can install any other software updates.

So this post is to guide you on how to install the software on your mac, but use at your own risk, as I will not be responsible for anything that happens to your computer or camera :P not that anything would but still its your choice to try it out or not.

But if you didnt have a previous version installed on your computer your kinda out of luck. 

First of all you will need to head over to Canon's website.   Select your camera model and what your looking to download. You'd want the document type to be drivers & software.

Secondly you have to download DPP and maybe EOS Utility and Picture Style Editor while your at it.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions to start the downloads. 

 Thirdly, launch the DMG and then drag and drop the updater to your desktop. If you run the updater now it will pop-up a dialog box asking find previous versions of the softwares. We need to modify the install package a bit here.

Fourth, now right click on the desktop copy, or CTRL+CLICK (if your old school like tat). Then select the Show Package Content menu as indicated in the screen shot below. 

This will open up the finder window, which looks into the package contents. In the Resources folder there is a file called Info.datx. Now the Fifth step, you would need to either DELETE it or rename the file. Once you have done that, just close the finder window.

Now the last step, is basically to open the desktop copy of the updater and you should see the first image on my post, and able to install.  Also it SHOULD work with other application updates by Canon. Do leave a message if you have tried it.



Hope it works out!