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Closing on the moon

Tonight is the super moon or perigree full moon well unfortunately when its closest to earth it will be 9AM here in Malaysia. And to make matters worse we are having hazy conditions in Malaysia. Thanks to the landclearing happening around these time.


Shot the above photo last night around 10p.m.. With full zoom on my Nikkor 80-200mm lens and cropped to 100%. Looks like the moon that I have always shot I guess, only this time its closer by 100%! Because I had borrowed my friends Tamron 2x teleconverter for SuperGT.  Effectively making the lens 400mm! Then I switched on crop mode (DX) on the Nikon d600. Bringing it in close by another 1.5x to 600mm. Of course with the sacrifice of nearly half the resolution. 


Here is a comparison of the sizes from the 100% crop of the photos from last night. Yes you do lose a lot of resolution  from 24 to about 10 megapixels. But for viewing on the web, should be decent enough.

Lets see if tonight brings a closer moon!