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handy in Singapore

If you were following my instagram or twitter or facebook you would have known that I was in Singapore last weekend to attend the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore. Prior to going over my friend was telling the to check out handy.

handy  is a is basically mobile phone rental for SGD$15.00 per day. Obviously we don't really want the phone, we want the access to the unlimited 3G data and free local / international calls (5 mins) facility.  The service is also available in Hong Kong.

In any case, I signed up over the internet and booked my device. They charge the rental by calendar dates, so it's not really worth to rent it at the end of the day as opposed to renting it in the morning. I booked with my credit card, and the current promotion would deduct the rental price by SGD$ 3.00. Therefore my rental per day was SGD$12.00 fair enough. 

I reached Singapore airport in the evening, and because handy does not have a kiosk / office at the airport, the only option was to go down to the Singapore Visitors Centre at Orchard Road. They would assign either a Samsung Galaxy Note or a Google Nexus device, depending on what was available. I got the Samsung Galaxy Note.

two batteries, one wall charger, usb cable, galaxy note, and pouch.

two batteries, one wall charger, usb cable, galaxy note, and pouch.

After signing all the paper work, I got the device. Two batteries, and a wall charger which can recharge the spare and the phone via USB cable at the same time. The device is running custom rom. I believe its a varient of CynogenMod ROM customized to handy's requirements.

On the device it self, we have a running version of Google Navigation. Why is that cool you say, well, its not supported here in Malaysia. And there city guides, exclusive deals which can be located within the device. But of course I was not there to shop or do touristy stuff. So I switched on the Wi-Fi tethering and me and my friends were back ONLINE in Singapore. 

Custom Lockscreen

Custom Lockscreen

very bright cover

very bright cover

Overall the speed was quite decent and we even made a few calls with it. As some of our friends had local number and we were coordinating on how to meet up. The next day I had the device on for about 8 hours, tethered to about 5-7 devices, the battery only was used up by 3pm. And I loaded up the second battery. No problems.

That evening we went back to the Singapore Visitors Center and returned the device, because their office opens at 9.30am, and my flight was 11.45am. I was afraid that we would not make it in time, as travel to the airport is about an hour. So I returned the device on Saturday night.

I was only charged one day's rental as the night before when I took the device it was past 9pm. I'm not sure if this was up to the person in charge or was it their policy, but cheaper is always good. 


I had a positive experience from booking to taking the device until returning the device. The only thing is that they have to have a kiosk at the airport soon as its more convenient that way rather than travelling down to Orchard Road. 

So if your in Singapore (or Hong Kong) and do not want to pay roaming charges or buy a local SIM card.  You can give this service a try. Please be warned that there is a holding fee of SGD$500.00 if you spoil the device. Which will be charged to your credit card.

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