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Trident Kraken AMS case story

Now a days its almost mandatory to have a phone case, I was not quite happy with the original flip case, as it didnt really provide much protection for a clumsy guy like me, so after a few weeks of looking online, I found a decent looking case from a local seller. I bought the Trident Kraken AMS case for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and a car windshield mount.

Was pretty happy with the case, a bit more bulk and weight but saved my phone from multiple drops and slides. About two months in, using the windshield mount, the release broke, rendering the mount unusable.


To make matters worse it broke off with a really sharp edge.


So naturally I was pretty sad, I did think of trying to claim warranty, but I was pretty sure the company would not do much as I didnt buy from official channels and I was not even in United States.

Few months passed and I met a blogger friend, we were talking about phone cases and I explained what happened to my mount. My friend asked me to try and contact Trident. And so I got home, decided to give it a shot, took the above photos, and posted a tweet.


After the few tweets I emailed customer service (CS) and got emailed response from CS. I was instructed to send back the faulty product, and they would replace it for me. SWEET! I figure it was worth the shipping. After three long weeks my broken mount made it to Trident ( I checked w/ our local post office services). And I waited patiently.. for another two months. >_<

Worried that my effort had been wasted, I posted another tweet to @TridentCase asking what happened to my replacement. I was contacted via email again and was given another #RMA number. And I was asked what was my case condition, they were willing to send me a replacement. I had lost original my media stand and my case had develop a slight crack from all the drops. So I was getting a new case! YAY!


In less than a month I received this in the mail. I was a bit shocked to see the size of the box. As I was expecting a bit smaller, a phone case and a windshield mount.

So this was what was inside...



inside the bag, more stuff...

inside the bag, more stuff...

Even tho I dont use all the items except the cup, it was quite interesting to see all the corporate gifts they had from the other side of the world :) judging from the bag, I'd say that it was probably for their sales person, the sizes of the sleeves COULD fit phone cases.

Now this was what I was actually after.


I have not actually used the new case yet, as the old one still can be used. Ill wait till it falls apart :)

New AMS windshield adaptor

New AMS windshield adaptor

AMS windshield mount

AMS windshield mount

Looking good~

Looking good~

So it took a while, but I got my replacements (with a bonus of extra gifts). I'm still very satisfied with the case, and the new mount feels pretty solid compared to the old one.

Thanks Trident Case for taking the time. Much appreciated.



[shot with Sony DSC-90, Nikon d600+35mm]