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My Ride

Last month my friend asked me if I wanted to test out his new rig. Of course I would not give it a pass. There are many areas to improve upon. But I think its quite effective. 

Going really fast. Not.

For those who know about automotive photography, you will know how these shots were created. But for those who dont know much about photography, you may not figure it out.

Near MBKS carpark

Round and round we go

Sun is setting

Probably should have taken the shot further away... oh well.

Towards the municipal building

I love this kind of closer shots

This section of the road is very bumpy. Too bumpy.


Well I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as I have enjoyed taking them. I need more practice, anyone want to volunteer their cars? :) If you really want to know how I took these shots, use your favourite search engine and search for the terms "automotive rig".

[Gears: Nikon D300, Tokina 11-16]