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My backyard is blooming

Waking up this morning I was surprised to see that there was a vibrant patch of red in a sea of green.

So when I had free time and the rain had stopped, I took my camera and went out into my backyard and shot a few photos of this curious 'flowering'.

I have no memory of seeing this flower before this. maybe I was just not looking out my windows enough. 

The petals remind me of confetti, and coconut candy.

Looks like its getting ready to burst like pop-corn!

Lets take a closer look. 

Ah, its coming ! Doesnt it remind you of pop-corn??

What a curious plant.

So after getting bored with the curious plant, I went back to the familiar plant, the water lily.

Looks like painted fingernails. can see some movement blur as I was taking the shots handheld, and there was a steady gust of wind blowing.

Going in close 1:1 Boosting ISO well over 1000.

At times like this, I suppose its handy to have a macro lens on hand :) Thanks  Foosi!


[Gears: D300, SP90mm]