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G+D PreWed Photos

This shot happned AGES ago, almost coming to one year already. How time flies. Anyways I have been meaning to process these photos for awhile now. But never really got around to do it. But since my iMac died the other day. I was archiving my stuff and I came across this set of photos. So I processed them and decided to share them out my way. These photos were also edited and printed already by George, but I guess I want to do another set my way. This was my second time doing a pre-wedding shoot since 2007. This was shot end of October last year.

While I think its fine to do a album/ book style. I like to show individual photos because, I don't know, I feel its nicer this way :P I guess its just me. In any case, less words, more photos :P

This is more like a candid shot :D funny stuff. 

This last photo is my absolute fav of the shoot. Right timing.

I guess its easier when the location is nice, with shiny floors and a cute couple who can pose themselves. All I needed to worry about was lighting and composition. Still clearly I need to have more to learn and to practice. There are many areas in to improve upon.


[Gears: D300, 50mm]