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Chasing Sunrise

11.04.2012 Its been a long time since I headed off for sunrise shooting. I think the last time I did it was probably 2-3 years ago. When there were plans to go sunrise shooting at Telaga Air, I jumped at the chance to join in. 

This was probably 5 mins or less before actual sunrise. HDR photo.

Im not usually a fan of HDR, but when the situation calls for it, why not. I like to mix up my photography, not DIE HARD ONE STYLER.

Trying different look. Burnt look. Very strange.

Misty looking.

Feels very calm.

Even without using HDR, I think one single raw can create quite nice images.

A lot of people think this is a HDR image. Well I guess you can consider that it is an image with fake HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE. Its created from single RAW file in Adobe Lightroom 4. Raising the clarity and vibrance, pushing the shadows and pulling the highlights. I was pretty intrigued with the end result myself. 

A friend had brought along a 800mm Samyang Mirror lens. The moon was still up at 630 am so we had to shoot it :)

Not only that, we had to bring it forward xD. Its a feature called Multi-Exposure. Both my Nikon's had this feature, and I always had fun time fooling around with them.  Normally I would only multi-expose twice. But for that morning I decided to multi-expose 3 frames. Two frames on the Nikkor 80-200mm lens and the last one on the Tamrom 11-16mm. Writting this and looking at it now, I realize something is a miss in the photo. Interesting. Obviously this can also be done in post process, but it is always fun to be able to do it in camera.

It is amazing how fast the scene changes by the minute. The skies are alive!

Friends: Chze, James, Desmond, and Foosi. (L-R)

Alex's ride doing some rallying hehe. 

Just opposite the spot where we were shooting the sun rise from, was a patch of burnt earth. I guess the locals were clearing it to plant something or to build something in the space.

Dead trees.

charchoaled ground.

Road leads home

Road leads to Telaga Air.

After packing up all our gears, we decide to head towards Telaga Air to grab something to eat. And Desmond decided to share his SOY MILK with my hand, sun glasses, shoes and my shirt. Oh and on his phone too. Foosi was too busy eating to care.

Photo shot by Alvin

Im testing my fakeDR processing. Jee, Alvin looks so old. Maybe thats what he looks like in 20 years time. 

Chze's daughter killing Foosi's shutter. James looks on at Foosi's expression :)

After filling our tummies, we walked over to the jetty. 

Alvin testing his new phone.

Found a cat statue. :)

Rub-my-belly mode. 

Im-so-pregnant mode


So we packed our things and headed back. Started our journey at 430 am. Completed it at 800am. It feels good to shoot some landscape. Feels like it has been ages since I have shot any.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 11-16, 17-55, 80-200, 800]