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I'm On TV3

Well not actually me, but my car :)

This happened about three weeks ago, where our South Sarawak Classic Car Club was approached by a reporter who wanted to do a piece on the club. So one thing lead to another and suddenly it was on. Jaffar called me and asked me to drop by, so I did. I called Peter, who initially didnt want to show up. Lucky he did!

It was raining when I got there. And no one was around. No one informed me that the event was delayed about 30 mins. Lucky Peter came by early, else I would have been damn bored. Eventually most showed up. Many of the cars still in workshop so did not make it :)

Mohd. Nasir posing with the crew car.

Despite the rain, the filiming continues.

Horns anyone ?

It was already quite rare to see this black beauty on a normal days what more to say on a rainy day! Immaculate Toyota Celica TA22.

Sweet wheels

Megat's spanking new 'old' ride!

Jaffar's TA28 getting some attention~ 

Peter being interviewed.

Megat's turn to be interviewed. 

Jaffar being interviewed.

yeah, shake dem spark cables xD

After that we did a small convoy so that the videographer can grab some footage. Did a few rounds around the area and that was tat. The feature segment had broadcasted already, and I missed it because I was not in town. :( only saw some clips taken with hand phones of the feature. Oh well. My friend in Terengganu did message me that he thought he saw my car on the tele :)

[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]