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Fire walking (running) at Sen Wang Kong Temple

14.03.2012. This event happens once every twelve years at Sen Wang Kong Temple. Even tho I have been living here all my life, it was the first time I heard of it. And my first experience going to such an event. 

Everyone turning away from the heat of the flame as the guy added more fuel to the charcoal. It was very hot, when your just standing about 10 feet away. 

All the roads leading to the fire walking location was heavily congested when I got there. Even in crawling traffic my car was rear ended by a motorcyclist. Sigh, just glad the lens didnt break from the accident. 

It was a rainy that evening. From the moment I arrived. It had been raining non stop. But just a touch less than a drizzle. Still, it was enough to get you wet over a long period of time. 

Prior to the main event, every one was busy with prayers in the temple. 

So many people packed into a small space, equals lots of sweating. I could not find a place to PLANT myself outside the barrier so I headed out into the fire walking area and planted myself there >_< No one stopped me so I just stay as low as possible and as far away from the flames as possible. 

Fanning the flame.

On the opposite end, reporters. Maybe I should have positioned myself there, instead of on this side.

Feeding the fire. As you can see, everyone was turning away again. Dang it was hot!

It was quite a funny sensation. Flamming hot in front, cool on the back, and wet on the head. It went on for nearly an hour. 

Smart people, they got out of the rain. Unlike me, who forgot to bring an umbrella >_<

No, not hot enough!

Really, lets add more fuel to the fire!

One of the mediums coming out checking the setup.

Everyone is so serious and tense.

The main medium, blessing...

Asking people to make room.


Flattening. Making sure there are no sharp edges. 

Throwing salt on the fire. Almost time!

lazy dy, take whole bucket la!

At this point, more and more people showed up in front of the barrier with me. Innitially I wanted to get a low angled shot. But I was surrounded by aunty and uncles with hand phone and compacts that I cant move! They paid no attention to me, but let a tourist get the better angles. Yes, Im irked! I don't want my car to be damaged and go home without anything to show for!  

Without warning, the first medium was running. 

coming out safely...

After the first medium went thru the ambers, more people squeezed around me. Hot, cold, smelly, squashed!

Immediately after that the second medium was running thru as well!

The guy in the cap just decided to stand in front, cant do nothing about that. :(

Im firing my camera blindly.  Glad to have a camera with fantastic auto-focus(AF).


Apparantly, this event is opened to public as well. Meaning devotees are allowed to do the fire walking (running) as well. But since there was a HUGE delay, the taukey decided to stop it. As the auspicious time was coming to a close. After the event I found out that the delay was caused by a girl, who was not suppose to be there (conflict of Ba Zhi / 八字 or something). Once that was settled, the fire walk begun.

It may not look like it, but it is HOT. I know I tried to pick some charcoal. hehe.

I have no idea why but everyone was picking up the charcoal after the event. Everyone was rushing to grab some. I tried, but I didnt bring any tools to pick it up.

This aunty is well prepared. She even purposely came into frame and ignored me and continued scooping up the charcoal. 

What an interesting experience. It was my first time smack in the middle of such and event. First time experience and fury of aunts and uncles pushing and shoving to catch blurry pictures on their camera phones. Very interesting night. Got into an accident. Got wet. Got baked.

Year of the dragon

I started to make my way back to my car which was parked at the car park complex. Winds picked up, and the rain started coming down. Heavily. 

Water dragons?

It was a scene seldom seen, by me. It was really pouring, extreme cats and dogs category rain. Creating a glow around the Dewan Undangan Negeri building. I like it! Too bad the rain details came out looking like noise rather than rain. Nikon D800 maybe?

Ah well, I'll definately be back 12 years later!


{gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 80-200}