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AirDroid must have app for android users

I have been using Android close to one and a half years now. And there are not many apps (applications) that I cannot say is a MUST have, until I tried AirDroid by Sand Studio. Prior to using AirDroid I have been connecting my device via USB cable to transfer files, or to manage my media. Now I just run the AirDroid application and manage via my web browser. Very clean and easy to use application

Of course this is under the assumption that you have a WiFi network to begin with. 

Here is a screen shot from my device.

Once you run the application it will give you the device address which you have to key into the web browser on your computer. And use the given password, do not worry, its auto generated every time you start the connection.

Here is a screen shot from my browser. 

Very simple and clean. Key in the password as indicated on the device and click the Login button. 

Screen once you have successfully logged in. 

Another clean page. It acts more like your computer desktop with HUGE icons of its basic functions. I love the extra information like WiFi strentgh, cell strength and battery power on the lower right of the 'task bar'.

A window will pop-up showing the vitals of your device if you hit the Details button, on the upper right. Note that my phone actually has more memory than indicated. Its internal is 16GB with an additional of 8GB. But I could still access everything without issue. 

Call Log. 

Here you can view your call logs of your phone. Not really handy for me, but good to have I guess.


Now this is more useful. You can view all the song by this view, or by album view. Kinda forgot to screenshot that.

Set As.

This is a neat feature. Changing ringtones on android is basically copying the file to the right folder. Or installing a 3rd party application to do it. I think this is pretty simple and effective. 

Another neat feature is if you double click on the song. You can actually listen to the song stream from your phone to your computer. Neat!

If you want to send songs to the phone, hit the Import button on the upper right of the Music window. 


I do not know why the photos are under PHOTO>OTHERS in this window. But it does generate tumbnails for every single photo on the phone. Easy to manage. Neat.


Where you can access your SMSes. Yes I get a lot of SPAM from Celcom. Daily affair :(

Once you double click the name, this window pops up. You can send replies or create new SMS from this window. But do note, this is not an instant messaging(IM) service like yahoo or msn or fb chat. Everytime you hit send, it costs money. Unless your on an unlimited or got free SMS plan. Otherwise, use with care! You have been warned!

Oh yes, I was being mean to my friend. haha. xD


Now this is one of the feature which I absolutely love about AirDroid. Sometimes updating software is hard without knowing exactly which version your on. You can find out on your device, but to me, it is just too many steps. Here you can view it immediately, and know which application has a new version out. Some of you maybe saying, just use the Google Market. Well, some apps I use did not come from the Google Market. :P 

To install, just hit the Install App button, and load up the apks. Then there is an addtional step, which you need to click OK on your device to initiate install. Which is good, means the application does not have total access and can simply install anything without your permission!


This is the equivalant to the file explorer in your computer. Very familiar interface. When copying files to your computer just click with the mouse, if multiple files use command/control modifier key to select more files and hit Export button. With multiple files, AirDroid will archive it into one ZIP file. Another neat feature. ;) 

To send files from your computer to your device, hit the Import button, make sure your at the desired folder. Simple. 

Clipboard, Contacts, Ringtone and Market is what it is. Nothing much to say about it. Heh~

In case your wondering, you can actually set the port, predefine your password. As for the IP address, if your using fixed then u need to dive into your network settings. But I would assume most people, LIKE ME, use DHCP. 

And no, my secreen was not THAT long, I just merged the lower bit with the upper bit. heh.

So to recap, if your using an Android device, and your have WiFi connectivity at your home/ office, this is a die die must have application! Its not perfect yet, but still a die die must have application. 

And best of all its FREE! (at this point of time as far as I know)


AirDroid (Market)

AirDroid (web page)


Go forth and manage your device!