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Merdeka Convoy

My friends asked me to help cover their event few months back. I wanted to try my hands at dSLR videos so I took the opportunity to have a go at it. 

Now the first video was very unpolished because I was using my old computer to edit and render, which added to the frustrations and I just wanted to complete it as soon as I can. So the cuts were not as good but I digress.

Fast forward two months later I have build a new hackintosh. I still use my old Apple iMac but it is just too slow for video stuff. Now that I got the processing hardware down, time to improve on my video recording skills. Such as trying to keep the video steady and stuff. A lot more room for improvement.

The second video was a compilation of clips which I shot with the Canon 5D mk2 with 50mm only. The first day I had the opportunity to use 10-20mm to give the cute effect, but only had the 50mm to shoot with on the second day. Which was quite interesting.  

And yes I'm a Nikon shooter, so on both days I was carrying my Nikon d300 and Canon 5d Mk2 running about trying to make sense of everything. :) Previously I had no need to worry about  aperture, focus point, all while trying to stabilize the shot.