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Slow Saturday

As my parents are out of town. I had to send some stuff up to the farm. Brought along my camera to see if I came across anything interesting to shoot :) Lively puppy. Looking way better than 2 weeks ago.

A frog visiting my solar charger.  LOL!

The energetic pup keep trying to paw me. 

And he wouldnt stay still.. . 


lick lick

kinda like this shot. 

The weather today was a bit crazy. Rain intervals every 5 mins, then sunshine in between. 

I shot this when on the ferry going back home. I didn't know why I shot it...

.. But this was the second shot with my windows down as the police car drove off. It had started to rain. The kids spotted me as I initially wound down the rear windows. Everyone looked away after that. =\


Ah.. so that was my boring Saturday. How was your Saturday?


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50]