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Délifrance in Kuching

Some would say "Finally" but for me it's just another place to have good western food. Not to say its no good or anything, but it is not on top of my to die for food yet... it has a long way to fight with Laksa, Kolomee, Kampua, Beef Noodles and much more here in Kuching. 

Kinda forgot to take photo of the outlet from the road. Basically its located at the main entrance of the Hills Shopping Mall

Since it's a new place, a number of bloggers were invited to go check it out. Some free snacks where given and heaps of drinks. Someone had SIX hot chocolates! Goodness. And she still wanted more ! 

Signing in~ 

Ladies were given shawl's, nothing for the guys hehe

Baguette's to bring home~ 

Like this display area. 

So we were all squeezed into the BLOGGERS ZONE!!! I guess they didn't expect so many people to turn up.

Sample food! Cannot touch! Cannot eat ah! lol!

The cakes looks delicious!



Many reporters yesterday, many familiar faces.

I didn't know opening of Délifrance required video coverage. Wah! I wonder if I was on TV or not just now!


More mingling ~ Desmond and CK

Dutchez mingling~ 

Didnt know how it happend, when I got back to my seat, I got me an expresso~ nais! 

Then appetizers appeared!

Then some more food decided to appear before us~ lol

Lastly some delicious cake arrived. All the while we were being served with juice and cafine~ oberdoze

some random leftovers of the night!

Everyone is bz with their gadgets

Rose and Yien Yien getting the money shot. 

Yien Yien curi Frankie's camera

Yeah, I'm sure Frankie will be surprise to find whats in his memory card xD

Someone's not paying attention! 


Found this photo in my camera, shot by Raiz the reporter. 

Love this shot, can I claim it to be me shooting, Raiz ? hehe 

Hopefully more and more branded chain's come in to Kuching, so we all can have more choices other than Laksa, Laksa, Laksa, and laksa. xD


[Gears Nikon D300, 17-55]