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Going to Mulu National Park

I did my trip way back in April 2011. Was suppose to meet up with some friends there but end up going at it alone. Which is fine more time for me and my thoughts. The last time I was at Mulu, was probably 15 years ago, when most of the current facilities were non-existant. 

The journey starts from Miri Airport. While it is possible to go to Mulu via alternative means of transportations this was the fastest and less tiring, compared to going by express and boats. The photos are arranged in the order that they were shot(mostly). Hope you enjoy the photos as I have had taking them. 

For the trip I have kidnapped my friend Alex's Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM lens (now thats a mouthfull).

View from inside the cabin

It was a pretty short ride, about 10-15 minutes if memory serves me correctly. Not action, no dramas

Landed safely~ 

Welcome to MULU NATIONAL PARK! \o/

This was kinda surpise to me, no conveyer belts here :) took them like 5 mins to unload from the air craft. After that it was yet another quick ride from the airport to the National Park HQ for RM 5.00.

Almost at the Mulu National Park HQ

Arrived! \o/ Leave your bags outside! Yes EVERYONE!

Registrations were pretty easy as I have basically booked things earlier on via email. While there I also made arrangements for the trekkings for the afternoon and the following day. Paid all the fee's and headed to my bed

This was the hostel which I was staying at. You can pick any bed you want, bedsheets & stuff were provided. At RM 40.00 per nite, cant ask for more! Bathroom was relatively clean, except for the humongous amount of bugs in there, which people who likes macro would love~ 

They gave me a HUGE map with much details (timing & pricing most important) on all the interesting points to go to. Very well thought out, I likes. Oh and for RM 40.00 it includes breakfast~ Pretty sweet deal. I only did the usual tourist locations, if you like adventure caving they have treks for that as well. But not for the faint hearted, like me =)

Information on glass~ 

Highlights of Mulu! 

Other highlights of Mulu~ 

There are information everywhere, as long as u stop to read it.

Well I'll leave it at here for now because this post will be come extremely long and boring. So I'll cut it into segments~ 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 10-20, 17-55]