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Classic Luxury (ii)

After we did the first location at Classic Luxury (i) we went for the second location. Which was basically a pile of rocks. Where people kept their construction building raw materials. 


I guess the location works with the theme of the day. And as you can see, my car has also been recruited as a model for the shoot. =) here are the rest of the photos which I liked best of the day.



For this shoot I also processed my photos differently, less contrast, less saturation.


#3Kinda love the heavy machinary at the background.


#4Does #4 have a vintage feel to it? 


#5Was I worried? hahaha just of scratches. :P


#6Then as we were losing more light, we moved down the road to yet another location. I have not shot in multiple locations in a LOOOOONG time~ 


#7#8#9I guess if I had to pick one, I would choose #9 it was a pretty good photo, but I threw out the sharpness the color and just seriously love the look of it. Ah well. It was all fun, thanks for the invite Evlyn. And sorry it took so long, I know you all was waiting till you forgot already. haha ! 


Classic Luxury (i)

Classic Luxury (ii)

[Gears: Nikon d300, 10-20, 17-55, 50, 80-200]