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Sensor cleaning by Nikon techs

The other day while I was at Grand Margherita Hotel having the Macam Macam Ada buffet~ I had to skip a lot of food to run up to third floor, for the sensor cleaning session by Nikon techs. 

They had advertised that it was open to public in the newspaper, but when we (CK, Ronny, and Patrick) reached there the organisers said that it was for reporters and media only. Anyways since it was their fault for the false advertising, they agreed to service our cameras after they were done with the professionals gears

I left the my Nikon D300 camera body with CK while I ran down to grab my stuff. When I returned CK told me that my camera sensor had DEEP scratches. Oh no! Good excuse  to UPGRADE! But it does not seem to impact the photos. So I guess I'll live with it for a while. 

Had a talk with the organiser, from Futuramic if I was not mistaken. Ask him why didn't they organise it for the public, he said its complicated and they would not be able to handle it. Sigh. I'm sure there are many ways to go about it. Maybe have LIMITED slots of maybe 30 people? I seriously do not mind paying for a proper Nikon tech to clean the sensor. I only clean my camera sensor when I go to West Malaysia. Either to Menara PKNS or Time Square. Urgh.

At least the sensor is cleaned for now, altho I think I did spot a spec of dust on the photo during the photo walk last Satuday.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]