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Just back from GRA

I was in KL over the weekend for GRA ROUND TWO with Desmond and Foosi. And I almost did not make it. Reason was that my uncle had passed away on Thursday and the funeral was on Saturday. My flight was on Friday evening, therefore I had to forfiet one of the ticket to attend the funeral. I could not make up my mind to go to KL or not, but on Friday night I purchased a one way ticket to KL.

I have even already checked in on Thursday afternoon. Before I heard the news of my uncle's passing. 

Anyways I was glad I went, I met up with a lot of friend's this trip, namely Anna Wong, Ivan Khong, Ian Khong, Mickey Teoh, Jack Tan and many more

Time to rest now, shot nearly 3000 photos in two days, lots of repeats to go thru~ so, so tired