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Relaxing Saturday afternoon

Unlike most weekends which was packed with stuff to do, today was a most welcomed relaxing afternoon. With no plans and nothing much to do (except for backlogged photos, but that is for another time). 

Almost every local photographer have shot on these streets before, me included.Evelyn wanted to go grab her camera & flash unit which was sent to the camera hospital downtown. I have not been to that area for a while now, so I decided to tag along with my camera in tow, 50mm attached. There is no theme or anything, just random snaps when walking about in town. 

Ever famous landmark of Kuching CitySupposed to meet and have lunch at the famous noodle place at Carpenter street. But it was jam packed, therefore we opted for the "Lau Ya Keng" for some Yong Tou Fu & Satay. I have not been there for ages, and yes it was still hot and humid as I recall from my childhood days. Some things does not really seem to change in the old part of the city.

India streetfamous local camera hospital

Something oldSomething new

Something funnyno amount of tinting can beat cardboard boxes =)random hip shotCoffee beansmore coffee beanssome kind of roaster?smiling coffeethe fly loves tea toosorting them beansWoking on the drains outside my housebridge cut for two weeks nowwaiting to be replacedslow progress even when they are working on a Saturday afternoonWell that is my sharing of my nice Saturday afternoon! I hope yours have been more exciting than mine! I like mine just nice =) Its raining now, I'm going to take my Saturday afternoon nap.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm f/1.4]