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Laser therapy at Paragon X3

I was suppose to post this during the 2nd anniversary of Paragon X3 Dance Club a week ago. But I was out of the country(Indonesia) and had not been able to make the post. Therefore I'm just sharing it now. 

In case your wondering how come I do no go to other clubs and shoot, well its becaused I was commisioned by the club as the official photographer for a few of their past events. While other clubs are asking me to shoot for free, at least this one helps to cover the expenses. So I don't mind giving them a free plug.

As per the title, it was a laser therapy at Paragon-X3. Prior to their second year anniversary, they had upgraded their lighting, audio, and video system. But most noticbly was the amount of extra lasers and lights they have installed.

Will my Nikon D300 sensor die an early death from all this laser abuse? ^_^

According to the management, more lights are coming in! This is only 1/3 of what they had planned! 

As per usual, the place is packed to the brim on all levels!

DJ Phat Brown from Kota Kinabalu rocking to house~

Lets dance ~ 

Kinda love this above picture. Feels like she was energizing off the music~ ^^

This is a splice of video I shot that night on 7th May 2011. Testing doing videos with out iMovie. Took me a while. Not 100% happy but its a learning process.

It was tiring as usual but fun. When it ended we were pretty much deaf and blind. Damn laser therapy. Love it.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55 f/2.8, Sony DSC-T90]




PS. Here is the video taken on the actual 2nd Anniversary which I missed. =(( as you can see from the video there were more lights!!!

Paragon X-3 2nd Anniversary (27th May 2011) from DvjKitz on Vimeo.