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Blackmobile Sold

Actually it has been sold off for about a month plus now. I would like to share my experience with mudah.my


Yup, the listed price was only RM 4000. Cheap huh? 

Anyways I listed the car on 17 March 2011, at night. And the advertisment was approved early the next day with an email notification. Even on the 1st day of listing I have already recieved queries about the car via email. By mid afternoon people have called up asking about the location of the car and wanting to view it.

I had forgoten to state the location was in Kuching. I was unable to edit the information. The only way to edit was to pay some money. So I left it as is. If you want to list anything on mudah.my make sure every possible detail is added. And its only free for 3 ad's. After that you got to pay!

On 19 March one guy had already viewed the car. He even wanted to drive the car back that day! But without any downpayment, how was that possible. Thru out the weekend I had more emails and more calls regarding my advertisement. I was amazed at how effective mudah.my was! It was still not sold, but at least people were asking about it!

By Monday (21 March) the 1st guy that had viewed the car called me and said he had the money and wanted to get the car that day!  I have no idea how he came up with the money, but he did. We dealt on that day late afternoon. 


That evening I was still recieving email queries about the car. So I immediately went to mudah.my and deleted the advertisement. 

I still remember when my friend told me to support mudah.my, I think that was about four or five years ago. I remember thinking to myself, 'nah this model wont work, how can it fight against ebay.com.my'. Boy was I wrong. Over the years, listings on mudah.my got more and more while ebay.com.my stayed pretty slow. Even lelong.my was slowing down. I think, I never understood the web design, so compliated. 

I didn't even know they had TV advertising ! 

Another thing that I found funny was, one of my friend who got into car brokering told me it would be difficult to sell my car at RM2000. Thanks mudah.my


Goodbye blackmobile, it has been a fun journey. Hope you serve your new master well like you did me. ;)