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Paku Waterfall, Mulu

After lunch and resting from the morning's adventure, I headed off to Paku Waterfall which was in between Deer Cave and the Canopy Walk.

Before I went off, I put my name down at the white board at the Park Office, in case I got lost in the jungle. hehe. 

Saw a sign a long the trail. Wow. 24kms!  thats a LOOONG WALK!

I was actually expecting wooden planks all the way to the waterfall. instead I was greeted with a muddy trail. And I was wearing slippers. My shoes were wet from the morning adventure. 

As I was walking the trail alone, listening to the mp3 on my phone. I got bored and shot randomly to amuse myself.

Surrounded by greens!

After like an hour of threading thru muddy puddles I arrived at this sign. Yay waterfall! 

I dont see it! 

Looking around, thinking to myself, is that it ?

Nope, nothing that way either!

So after the walk, its confirmed. This was the waterfall! ~_~ Okay, since I was there hungry and tired I decided to rest a while and take in the serinity of the place. It was actually quite nice. 

So calm.

Im sure the waterfall would be "fuller" if it was raining for the past few days. So... 

Behold, Paku Waterfall!

Might as well take a few more shots, since I was already there right ? Anyways about 10 mins after I arrived two more people emerged from the trail. Turns out, they were also staying at the same hostel as I was. 

I was out looking for something interesting to shoot, and I looked back and saw this. 

The last two shots made the whole trek worth it. At least something nice to show for. After resting for another 5 mins I headed back, slowly in to the muddy trail.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]