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Clearwater Cave, Mulu

After about 15 mins break we continued towards Clearwater cave or locally known as Gua Air Jernih

The first obstacle was a 200 step staircase upwards to the entrance. Which was quite taxing. Walking on some what flat surface is one thing, doing steps is another. And the steps were not your standard sized steps. But I made it to the top. After a few brief stops. Glad I made the climb. 

At the top, we were greeted with this. 

Looks like something out of a horror movie~ :)

Well, what do you know, after making the climb UP, now we had to go DOWN. Look at how small the steps are...

Before we went in, our guide explained abit about the stories of the place. And how we were going to approach it. 

Here we go.

This place is huge.

As we got in deeper, it got darker (duh!).

The view looking back. Yikes!

Do you notice the lady there?

With spots of lights install randomly, its kinda eerie. Nothing much to see, in the first segment of the caves tho.

We went up to the fork, and headed towards the other segment of the cave. 

This was something interesting. See those spikey things...

They were actually pointing in the direction towards the light. Hmmm...

When reached here, I was like, WOW. Its so big!

But I couldnt get all the details in... Will try again later...

Gah! Sunlight!

This was the end of the trail. Since I did not have my tripod with me, I had to make do, on a railing. This shot was taken at 5" at f/4.0, ISO 1600 at 10mm. I have nearly never taken photos at ISO 1600 on my Nikon D300. And for 5 full seconds. And it is still not bright  enough. Jeez.

Not wanting to give up, I tried to increase the exposure time. The shot above was taken at 10". Which is a lifetime, when your trying to stablize your camera on a round railing.

Change angle, hey thats my shadow! A bit blur tho. It was cold and wet.

This was at the edge of the ledge / stairs, no need to worry about stablizing the camera for the shot. You can feel the coldness of the water of the stream. And yes, its very cold, like ice water. Just make sure you do not fall into it!

Trying to catch the return trip. Just to show how slight movement messes up the shot.

After a few tries and bracing myself for a few moments. I managed. Shortening the exposure to 8"

I had this photo printed, looks awesome. 8" f4.2, ISO 1600 @ 11.5mm

10" at f/4.0, ISO 1600 at 10mm. Maybe I should print this photo as well. mmm

At the beginning of the steps. One step at a time.

Built in 1988. Hmm...

Back to the cooling pool next to the staircase. How I wished to jump in and have a swim. Actually I did, in my previous trip when I was a young lad. So we waited around somemore for our ride.

First boats leaving for the HQ

Hehe people were wonding what I was doing. 

On our return trip. At least the rain stopped. Somewhat. Only realized got water on the lens when I got back to the HQ. Sorry Alex!

Water looks less clear after the rain.

Hey its me! 

So that basically concludes the trip where a guide was needed. After reaching the HQ and getting cleaned up and getting into dry clothing. I had lunch and rested a bit before heading out towards Paku Waterfall. Was actually looking forward to it.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 10-20]