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SSPCA Christmas Charity Bazaar

Christmas is coming! Lets all be jolly and merry but let us try not to forget those unfortunate pets left behind by unfortunate circumstances. For those who are in town on 3rd December, make sure you drop by the Ecumenical Centre, Jalan Stampin.

The Christmas Charity Bazaar is SSPCA's main fund raising event for the year. While fund raising is a constant and on going event. SSPCA hopes to raise about RM 100,000 for the shelter. Wah! Thats a lot of money right? Operating the shelter is not cheap. Its monthly operating cost is averaging at RM 25,000 per month. So if they manage to raise RM 100,000. It will last them about 4-5 months. So let all make an effort to give a bit of our time to visit the Charity Bazaar and spend some money. 

100% of the sales will go to the shelter. 

Those who wish to volunteer to help out during the event can contact SSPCA through their website at www.sspca.sarawak.com.my, email them at sarawakspca@gmail.com or get in touch through Facebook.

Sales of the coupons will be available on location. I was told there will be about 40 stalls. Hilton, Grand Margherita, the Junk, and more will be selling their food items at the venue as well. So if your looking for 2nd hand item or looking for a good meal, do not give the event a miss. Make sure you bring your friends and family there as well. 

If you have no idea where the location is, check out the awesome map below!

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Remember, 3rd December, Ecumenical Centre, Jalan Stampin from 11am to 7pm!

Lets give the furry friend's some help. And wish them a merry christmas !