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Ship Launch

Was invited by a friend, Ronny to withness the launching of one of their companies product, a vessel, a sand barge. It was my first time getting up close to a ship launching, interesting.

We arrived at the location around 5.15pm and we proceeded to go over the dock yard via boat. 

This good looking fellow was following the boat, shuffling us to and fro from the dock yard. 

This was the driver of the boat :)

Ronny, Colin, Yew Hung, and Paul. (left to right)

A bit of makan makan before the launching

Family business. Ship building.

The buidlers.

One thing tho, we were losing a lot of light waiting for "time" to launch. So some of us had to boost up the ISO, for me, I bring out my Nikon speedlights. 

Only few mins between the shot above and the one before it. We were losing a lot of light. I had set up my primary flash about 25 feet to the left of my position. Triggered via CLS.

I think this was my shot of the night. So many things going on, people were blocking my line of sight towards the primary flash I had to relook for a better angle. :(

And before you can say champaign, it had already smashed into the ship :(

Oh well it was a good experience. Would love to have another go at it. One thing that was not expected was the amount of sand flies that there were in the area. Ouch.


Thanks Ronny


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50]