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Beyond in 5

Yes, 5.... 5 more days !

Cantopop Sensation is going perform in Kuching!

I was invited to the press confrence in Sept 2010 > Blog post <

And I just purchased my tickets recently. I was thinking really hard to go or not to go until Ah Chze text me and said some one was selling some seats and asked if I was interested. I didnt even know how much was the tickets but I trusted him, and he said it was cheap so I bought them.

I thought it was pretty good, but I also know that there are VVVIP tickets which was close to RM 5xx. I'm definately a fan, but thats way too much for me right now.

So I have now in my hand TWO tickets and only ONE of ME! Most of my friends who are fans already have bought the tickets and those who didnt have tickets would only go if the FOURTH MEMBER OF THE BAD WAS THERE, WTH! Oh well...

Here is the video from the press confrence again to refresh your memories on the happenings few months back !

Anyone want to go with me, please contact me for the price of the ticket. I may consider letting it go cheaper if your a hot chick :P