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Once a year?

Many of my friends were asking me about which picture that got me a chance to shake hands with Mayor of Kuching City South.

Photo by http://www.micphotography.com.my/As you can see, or can not see, the photo at hand was not clear. ;)

As I have stated earlier in another posting, that the competition was organized by SPAS & Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd (Pepsi). The theme basically was "The Joyful Moment With Pepsi Photography Contest at Kuching Festival Food Fair", obviously in conjunction with the annual Kuching Festival Food Fair. Shooting period was from 1st August to 15th August 2010. Submission date was 16th August 2010.

We went to the Kuching Food Fair on 14th August, then there was go-kart shooting on 15th. Which left me near to no time to select and print the photos. Anyways in the end I did manage to print it and submit it all on time 3pm to Pearl Studio (thanks Jonathan).

Photo by http://www.micphotography.com.my/Can see the photo clearer now ? No? Well its one of the four photos I submitted...

#1#2#3#4So did you spot the photo that got me RM 68.00+ Certificate ? =D

That is a very nice certificate, good print quality. Thumbs up Jonathan ! 

So why the title is once a year? Well in 2009 during the I joined the Nikon Kuching Photo Hunt and got 2nd place (group effort!)

Group Photo by http://www.micphotography.com.my/2nd Prize Photo by http://www.spas.com.my/How about 2008? Well I did join something it was a long shot but I just joined for fun, it was organized by JPS.

They got my name wrong !

So 2008, 2009, 2010. Got to try harder next time!


*edit* Actually forgot I did participate in another competition in 2007, with POSAD Sdn Bhd. Got 2nd prize... where the pic? ah... HDD died back in 2007... lost jor...


So its 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Hopefully more to come?