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BEYOND Rock & Roll World Tour (Promo)

Few days ago Jason called me and asked if I was free on 18th September. He said there was a press conference and asked if I was able to join. I could not hear much over the phone as it was really noisy, all I heard was press conference and Beyond

Jason finally did email me some details and confirmed that it was Beyond who were going to be in town. I was pretty excited about it. Me having the knack of being late, started off my journey early that day. I had it in my mind that the press conference was 2.30 pm as you can see it was stated 2.00 pm. =( I think my mind is auto sabotage so I will eternally be late. 

I arrived at Riverside Majestic around 2.10pm (in my mind I was still early). Called Jason, he said 'Why are you still not here? We are starting now" Gulp! I rushed to the elevators, waited for 5 mins before I reached the Deer & Lady Suite where the conference was held. 

I was introduced to the bands music around early 90's. To be able to stand in the same room with them, epic. 

Waiting for their arrivalSteve Wong and Paul WongThe BEYOND Rock & Roll World Tour features two of the band members Paul Wong (黃貫中) and Steve Wong (黃家強). As explained in the press conference, during the inception of the tour, Yip Sai Wing (葉世榮) was busy with his own thing and was not able to join in the 1st leg of the tour, but it would be unfair to the fans who have already seen the concert if Yip Sai Wing were to join in the other locations. So it was decided that the BEYOND Rock & Roll World Tour would only feature Paul and Steve


Rocker YB Dato James Dawos MamitRocker YB Dato James Dawos Mamit is the Deputy Minister of Tourism Malaysia. =) Why rocker? Cos the YB rocked with Slash in KL before. Slash ? Think Gun's N Roses. And he was a lead guitarist in his band during his younger days.

Anyways less text, more photos.

Reminiscing the old days

After a few words from the YB it was a Q&A Session.

Paul Wong

Steve Wong

Alan Foo of Star Planet

When asked about the change of date from October 2nd to January 15th, Mr Alan Foo said, it was due to a call from the State Government of Sarawak which happened to be planning a high-level state function slated to begin at the beginning of October. 

For those who have purchased the tickets they are still valid and are not required to returen or exchange for new tickets. All they need to do is bring it to the venue on January 15th 2011. 

There was a cake cutting ceremony to wish the success of the concert. There were many people there reporters, bloggers, photographers and local rock bands. Literary had to fight to get a shot. Some photographers didn't have the common courtesy to move a way once they have got their shot. Annoyed I was. =(

Then there were a lot of people!Rock On!

New date 15 january 2011!closer look at the cakeAfter the press conference at Riverside Majestic, I went to meet my friends for after noon tea then headed down to The Spring Mall to have sushi with Chin Chze for sushi at Sushi King and then the meet the fans session. 

There was a short intro and games to interact with the crowd. Chin Chze joined the second game as you can see on the video attached below.

Happy Chin Chze

me trying to look like a rocker

=) Organized by Star Planet and sponsored by Tiger, the "Rock & Roll Live in Kuching" will be held on January 15th 2011 at 8pm at Stadium Perpaduan Kuching. Tickets are priced at RM388, RM308, RM228 and RM128. For more details, call Star Planet 03-9223 3667, Top Star Global 082-410553 or visit www.starplanet.com.my Customers may SMS BKH10 to 0193652535 for list of ticket outlets.

Make sure you get your tickets before they sell out!

Its unfortunate for those outstation who already purchased the accommodations and transportation and to find out that the event has been postponed. As I am reading from the facebook page quite a number of people are annoyed about this postponement. Its unfortunate but the Gomen needs the venue, there is not much to be done about it.

Official info:

September 18, KUCHING – The highly acclaimed iconic rock band Beyond members Paul Wong and Steve Wong Ka Keung were present at a press conference held at the Riverside Majestic Hotel today. A special announcement was made to the press declaring the postponement of the concert from the original date of October 2nd to January 15th, 2011.

The organizer, Star Planet explained that this unexpected postponement was an act in response to the Sarawak State Government’s recent request (to the organizer) to release the venue booking for a state-level function slated during the same time which had confirmed the attendance of high government officials including the Chief Minister of Sarawak and Minister of Defense Malaysia.

Starplanet English

(吉隆坡9月18日讯) Beyond成员黄家强及黄贯中今日出席假古晋Riverside Majestic酒店的记者招待会及一连串的媒体专访。两人是首次抵达古晋,为原定于10月2日在古晋的演唱会造势。同日傍晚7时, 两人也现身The Spring 商场与歌迷近距离接触及签名,现场歌迷有近几百人。


Starplanet Chinese


This took me whole day to complete including uploading it 3 times.

Remember guys, new date is 15 JAN 2011!