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Winning Wine Launching at Grand Magherita Hotel

I was invited by Eileen (Marketing & Communications Officer of Grand Margherita Hotel & Riverside Majestic Hotel[thats a pretty long title]) to have a look at the Winning Wine Launch at the Grand Magerita on the 6th August 2010 at the Rajang Lobby Lounge

rajang lobby loungeI have not been to the Rajang Lobby Lounge since the renovation, I must say I am liking what the management have done so far both at Riverside Majestic Hotel and Grand Margherita Hotel. Cozy and comfortable. 

Let me start off and say that my experience with wine is very limited. Close friends will know I do not drink much of alcohol at all. Further more from past experiences, I could not stabilize the camera when I'm buzzed. Very frustrating ! 

When I got to the venue there were already many press people around. Saw a few friends there and decided to check out whats available.

Wine listPrice looks pretty decent, and with the Privilege Card I think I can get away with another -10% off.

Fruit tartsWine glassesThis is where the live band is on normal daysTaking a peek behind the counterInteresting carrying caseShowcase of the nightChampaignFrom Argentina if I'm not mistakenChandon Shiraz from AustraliaI was trying to get all the G's, green point, the bucket, the guiness behind and there was another G in front. Forgot was using too high dof.Pronouncing the name made me sound more sophisticated? LOL!Natural light, auto white balance. Not bad eh ?Glass display, me likes!Flash it! The guy in blue was is my friend reporter xDBrand Ambassador, W.K. ChongThe Brand Ambassador, Mr W.K. Chong was giving a good presentation of details of the Wine and Champagnes that was being launched. Also recommended us to try the meats / seafood and cheese which was suppose to compliment to bring out the best of the wine. The presentation was good, he knows what he was talking about.

Brand AmbassadorSlidesLooks tasty I think I'll have a sniffMOËT how does that sound?Mr Chong talking about the high of Andes in relation to other places and how it effects the wine productionShould have pumped up the shutter speed here. Oh well.Blogger's gearsBlogger's taking an interest in wineEveningThis is actually beer. Untouched, wine and bubbly was more interesting.Well it didn't stop me from light experimenting on the spot. :)This is me after 4 glasses. Yikes! I think my t-shirt was appropriate Another cool place to chill in Kuching City.So if you feel like your in need of a place to chill and have the urge to have some nice wine, why not give Rajang Lobby Lounge of Grand Magherita Hotel a try. 





Gear: Nikon D300, 17-55mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 10.5mm f/2.8