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Next phase

Yesterday was my last day with Jump Retail Sdn Bhd. I have been working there since Feb 2007. 3 years 6 months. Learned a whole bunch of thing during my time there. During the 3.5 years, many aspects of my life has changed. I went to many places met many interesting people. Got to play with a lot of really cool gadgets.

What a journey it has been. I'm kinda of glad that it is over now tho... Feels like the ropes has been cut and I'm free. A very liberating feeling. =)

Many people ask me why, I reply, why not? Let us give something else a shot. That was what happen in 2007 when I got the job, no prior working experience in the line. Jumped right in. Came out 3.5 years later, still alive and kicking. 

So whats next? Well, the next phase starts next month. A little project which has been growing at the back of my head for about 10 months now. Hopefully all goes according to plan. Else I will go back to growing mold in my room. :P