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Second Anniversary

Yep. In a flash, the Second Anniversary of www.randomshutter.com =) Still alive and kicking. Lets see if we have ANY improvement at all over last year's stats. 

Peaks at the beginning of the year and slows down after Q3 of the year? Hmmm...

Comparing the data with last years data over all there was some improvements


  • 16% increase of page views
  • 64% increase of unique visitors
  • 448% increase of robots hits!


Increase is better than a decrease. 

Nothing special here. Still a lot of support of Firefox, I am waiting for Chrome to overtake Firefox. But seriously, people are still using IE6 ?? Isnt that like dangerous or something ?

Now on the OS front remains largely the same comparing to the same period last year. Only difference now is there were 2 uniques from Playstation3! Seriously? xD COOL! Win31 = 3.11 ? o.O" must be a bot of some kind! Or is it ? Hmmm I guess we will never know. 

So another year has passed. Overall I think the site did ok. Well lets hope that I can create more content and get more traffic thru the site. More to come more to come! ;)


Thanks for the support !