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Kuching Food Festival 2010

If you do not already know we have the Kuching Food Festival every year around August. And for the most part I do try to avoid it as best as I can. Why ? The parking is always horrible, and its nearly impossible to find seats, no matter how many tables and chairs were provided by the organisers.

This year tho I decided to have a go at it because there was a competition held by Pepsi & Sarawak Photo Arts Society (SPAS). 

1. Group PhotoI will not go into details about this years Kuching Food Fest 2010. I'm sure there are tones of material for you to read else were and I just do not want to be a bore. 

So instead I'll show you what I shot ;)

2. Mr Chin helping out at a friend's store3. Bubble tea anyone?4. Trade fair5. A friend at the trade fair6. Dont know why I like this pic a lot.. maybe I like satay!7. Love the look of the can...8. erm... erm...

9. Russian sausages10. Sausages and chopsticks11. Yes, this is how you eat a sausage. ;) *thumbs up*12. I think they saw superman flying by...13. We were sharing a long table14. George being funny15. Failed shot16. Finally got it! WOOT!

17. George is acting cute18. Cuter? 19. Walking strobist?20. Favorite of the night21. Feeling trippy22. Catch? or Catch 22?23. Catch!24. Cleaner shot25. ok, its actually throwing haha! 26. After throwing, catching we do magic! See how the Pepsi disappears???27. Surveyor shot by Alex28. Surveyor shot by Alex.29. Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi30. Saya mau Pepsi!!So we kinda ended the night by around 11plus. I guess everything thought we were going crazy because we were making a lot of noise and was flashing everyone and everywhere. 

Enjoyable night, why so much Pepsi in the photos, well you see there was a competition... I'll talk about that later... maybe next week.



Note: Photos was taken with Nikon d300, 10.5mm, 17-55mm, 50mm with SB600, SB800, SB900 and some Canon speedlights (540ex, and 580ex ?).