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Portraits of Affy and Amy

This post is basically a more detailed accounts of the long day in June posting. 

So this portrait sessions for the day was arranged specially for a friend Tay Zhong who was in town from Singapore for a few days. He had arranged a shoot with Amy scheduled for the afternoon and evening. I somehow manage to get myself to offer to arrange another shoot in the morning. Lucky for me Affy was available. So for the day it was me, Alvin, Tay Zhong, and Goh.

Group ShotIt was the second time I had a portrait session with Affy. Strangely both session were nearby each other. I could not understand why. Regardless it was a good session, it was bright and sunny Saturday morning.

Portraits of Affy

Lets see some of my fav shots of the session. Not much post processing involved. Just resize and watermarking!

1) love the greens2) Good expression & love the bokeh! 3) Just nice4) She has lovely long black hair5) Probably a tighter shot would have been good. But this is good as well I think.6) Just catching her in a pocket of light from the heavy shadows from the trees7) I need to improve on this shot, anyone got UWA for me?8) Strangely even at f/2.8 I didn't get much bokeh, I wonder why9) It was super bright but they camera was able to keep pace. Good stuff10) I found this kind of amusing, tripod, photographer, tripod, photographer, tripodFor MORE photos of Affy, please head to the gallery link here

After the morning session we went for breakfast at about 11 am or so. Then I rushed home to clear the memory card. Lucky I live in Kuching where home is nearby. Had a nap and then headed out for round two with Amy, Tay Zhong, Goh and Alvin.

Portraits of Amy

11) This was posted 26/06 on the day of the shoot. It was my fav's mistake of the dayPhoto #11 was my fav, then after reviewing the set again today I realize the #12 was not bad as well. LOL! cant decide! 

12) Amy's silhouette, pp, increased contrast.13) The sun was scorching and it was so bright that we could not even open our eyes, let alone asking Amy to look into the direction of the sun. The harsh sunlight was casting harsh shadows on her. I tried to come up with a quick fix, which was ok, but may have limited our creativity?

14) Feels slightly out of focused? 15) Bokeh! Not enough? Lets add some more ! 

16) xD17) CTO + SB80018) We tried to do the hair thing, but it didn't turn out19)20) 1/5 of a second, hand held, LOL shake shake! To see more of Amy's photo point your browser to the gallery link HERE

After that we headed back down to town. Where me and Alvin had dinner and left, while Tay Zhong and Goh continued shooting thru the night!