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Last Wesak Day, I was invited to take some shots at a launching of a local band at Garden Hill. The event was suppose to start at 8.00pm but due to the Wesak Day procession, the event was pushed back to 9.00pm. I tried my best and seems like I keep meeting up with a wall of devotees walking creating a super duper long line of people, floats and huge traffic jam everywhere. I had to take four detours to finally reach my destination. =) worth it. The only other photo kaki of mine that went were Micklong and Desmond.

Disabled is a local band which just launched their first EP last week on the 28th May 2010. They launched their First EP at Garden Hill on Wesak Day! Which was produced all by them selves with support from friends and family. 

Souvenir from the bandBack coverSigned Inlet =)

The EP has four tracks (listed below):

  • Come back to me (English) 4:27
  • 一步一步 (Mandarin) 4:47
  • Dreams (English) 5:37
  • No one else 3:54

 Ops, someone turn on the lights please! The last time I was at Garden Hill to cover another local band called Black Alive probably in January of the year.

Here are some snapshot of the night.

Four band membersI have got to say tho, I have never had a 'technical' issue before until that night. Some how I have manage to switch my lens to manual focus. there fore all the cake shots were blur.  It didnt help that the environment was dark, I just assumed that the focus was working as it could capture. Heh! I guess I never noticed that the focus box was missing when it went to manual mode. So... my Auto-Focus was DISABLED. =) sorry guys! 


After a while the band had a rest and another one of the local bands, SLAP! came up to entertain those present with two songs. 

Desmond at the back giving me a light assist, thanks buddy!

After that we retired inside to have some beer and enjoyed the music and left soon after. Headed home, slightly buzzed. It was a good night.