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Collection of random rants and photos from my life experiences shared to the world.

Portraits of Sasha

I have known Sasha for quiet a number of years, from day one that I have known her she has been a "model" xD now we call her a talent. As she is just modeling part time when she is not studying or preparing for exams. This was my 3rd time working with her. 

Kinda like this set even tho it was a very short session. due to many annoying circumstances of Kuching drivers. And the first location was not available, well it was but it had become something else which we were not expecting.

I really liked this photo, even tho the color was not 'correct'. This was all from natural lighting. Love the reflection of the glass of her hand. =)

This is typical of Sasha, always smiling and teasing people. Notti. 

This photo represents a common problem for photographers, we love bokeh! If you have no idea what is bokeh, well go ahead, do a search! =)


Love this set, even tho I didn't get to shoot much.  Was using the 50mm lens all the way. I did change up to 17-55 for a while but decided to go back to the 50mm. It was always fun to try out CLS in the field. Not easy to work it but I think I did okay. Maybe I should invest in an umbrella. Hmmm..

Rest of the photos are at the gallery.


Thanks Sasha for a good session even tho it was a short one. 


Gear used: Nikon D300, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, Nikon SB-800, Manfrotto 5001B