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Empty House

They moved!

I didn't do anything! Seriously! Two days or so after I took the photos, they left!

Sony DSC-T90I wanted to use the dslr to shoot it but when I tried the 80-200, I was getting back focus again! Something about the have makes the camera AF not function as it should. Also since I wanted some close up of the hive, I decided to whip out my ultra compact Sony DSC-T90. 

Funny thing is the hive became empty after being in my backyard for a few weeks. Two days ago it was empty, they have left. Yesterday it was raining when I went to work so I didnt manage to see the condition of it. This afternoon after work I came home to find it has degraded and the ants were deconstructing the hive.

Sony DSC-T90A good thing about the Sony DSC-T90 was that it has a function called super macro mode. Where basically you can shoot things really really close like the macro lens.  And I don't have a macro lens.

Sony DSC-T90Sony DSC-T90DSC-T90DSC-T90Now who said that they wont move house? xD