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MBP Iron Man decal

When I reached home on friday evening from my trip to Sabah. I found a packet on my table. It was from HongKong. Something I bought 3 weeks ago.

Been waiting for so long. Nokia n97Of course the postal service had to fold the packet. ~_~ So the contents had a fold, luckily it was still usable. If not I really wanna complain to the postal service! The sender should have put in a piece of cardboard or something similar to prevent the postal service from folding it!

This was my exisiting decal, PacMan eating the apple. Sony DSC-T90Removing and cleaning. Sony DSC-T90After peeling off the pac-man it has left a residue, so I had to get some cleaning alchohol and clean the surface before sticking the new decal. As you can see from the picture above.

Covering up the apple logo… Sony DSC-T90

Took me a while. All Done! Sony DSC-T90Looks not too bad… Sony DSC-T90If you have a chance to look at this up close, then you will find that it has bubbles. xD yes I was not really patient at doing this. But I have an excuse while I was sticking the decal, Angel called me. So I took off to The Spring to watch the movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love. So I hurried and plunk it in and took off~

It was a nice movie by the way. =)