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kicked out of my room

I cant go into my room now… so I’m camping out in my sister’s empty room. I cant use my desktop computer so I’m writing about this on my laptop. 

The guy said it was probably for the best if I stay out of my room for a while. Maybe a week. 




Because of …


Sony DSC-T90


While it does not seem like much, its actually a corpse of a lizard. stuck to the cooling coil of my air conditioner. 

When I came back from work yesterday, I smelt something. And I saw flies flying about. At first I thought it was only one.. then I saw two… and another dead on my desk.

Nikon D300 + 50mm reversed

Nikon D300 + 50mm reversed 

Looked high and low for the smell. I knew something was dead but I didn’t know what or where. Thinking and hoping it was from outside, I switched on the air cond. the smell as not so strong. after 5 mins the smell was still there. So I concluded that the ‘body’ was somewhere in my room. So off I went again sniffing and turning everything around but didn’t find anything. It was a pretty warm night, so I switched on the air condition to cool down, then to realise hmmm the smell seems to be stronger. 

Opened up the filter, didnt see anything. but there was definately a smell coming from the air cond. So I switched it off and tried to sleep. The flies were annoying, and I would not get much sleep, as I was tossing around from the heat.

Got up early next day, before my alarm went off actually. Once I was done at my work I came back and opened up the air cond again. This time I took my time to check. Found the location of the dead lizard. called up the technician but he cant do much already. As the body has “melted” and bits and pieces of the lizard was stuck at the fins of the cooling coil, creating a super gross smell. It was even worse than the day before. 

So it will be a few more days before I can get back into my room. Urgh!