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Fixing the dragon

As you have read in my last journal posting the GreenMobile (Toyota Celica’s are commonly referred to as dragon’s as the emblem is actually of a dragon boat) is alive! But barely, cos it always refuses to start after shutting down the engine. As the spark plug was hot n ‘wet’. It was a common sight of me and my car at a car park swapping out the spark plugs. 

So after it got more and more frustrating I brought the car to my friend’s workshop. To help me find out what was the problem.

The tuning went on for nearly two hours. Every time a problem is resolve it brought up other issues. From alternator to battery to horn to carburetor. Slowly one by one of this issues are resolved. Some are just identified but since it was not critical issues, K.I.V.

But basically at the end of it, the conclusion was that there was something wrong with the carburetor. The fuel was not coming in smoothly sometimes it will come in normal, sometimes less, sometimes more. Most probably need to take it out and try to service it or swap in a replacement. I have not decided what should I do yet. And since I seldom drive it Ill probably KIV it until I figure out what to do.

Anyways its running ok for now… Need to manja it quite a fair bit. Unlike my Toyota Corona which I abuse everyday.