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Minolta X-700

Since I'm still holding Foosi's macro lens hostage I might as well make good use of it! 


Before it ges confusing, the photos was shot using my Nikon D300 and colors were modified in Adobe Lightroom.


Minolta Program SystemASA chartProgram modeFilm rolls into here out of the cartridge thru the viewfinderViewfinder another focus see how dirty it isThe amount of dust is pretty amazing, given that its been sitting in a sealed box for at least 10 years.

exposure countershutter releaseMy neighbors mansion thru the lens

Dirty mirrorfocus again! Well the Minolta X-700 has been in my family for over a decade now. I have only used it a few times to take photos. Its more like a toy to me rather than a camera. Until today its a prop rather than being used to take photos haha. Maybe one of these days I should get it cleaned and load a roll of film into it and see what comes out the other side?


for more information on the Minolta X-700 at mir.com.my

[gears Nikon D300, Tamron 90mm]