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Lets go bowling

On 9th October we had a small gathering for Alvin of Pazuzushot.com. His birthday was on 6th October. We all gathered for seafood dinner, thanks Alvin. And because he had to do blood donation the next day we could not go out and have alcoholic beverages. So instead we went bowling.

The last time I tried this sport was back in the 90's. And I was not good at it, at all. For starters I was damn skinny and didn't have much strength. I would not even make it half way thru the game. By the 5th round (or wat ever you call it) I was out of energy and my arms were hurting. 

Interestingly this time round I was able to finish 2 sets and only manage to wash the drain once. Not bad for a 2nd timer eh ? I think all this heavy lifting of camera gears have given me some muscles~ =D