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end of the month (ii)


So after the street shooting two days later I left for KL. Business trip. Manage to meet up with Ian and some of the GRA fellows. Manage to catch up and have few sessions of game time LoL. Its been a while since I went to any cyber cafe to have a crazy game time.

The next day met up with Ian again, actually wanted to go to KLCC to see some convention or something. But when we reached there it was over ! It ended early. HAHAHA!

So we ended up eating something at the KLCC food court. And then went down to grab some photos. I did a looong panorama.

Panoramic Stitch

After that we headed off to Rawang to send a friend to dinner.. HAHAHA!

Screenshot from Nokia n79

Managed to take a few shots from the car. Taken with the Nikon D300 and Nikkor 17-55mm AF-S f/2.8G DX.

Shot from the car

Beautiful colors of natureHeaps of birds flying about. Scary wor.I wonder what sort of birds are there. Aparantly during dusk there are a lot of insects that fly about. So thats why the birds were swarming about. The last time I saw something remotely similar was in Mulu caves, when the bats came out of the bat cave to look for food.

Stopped at traffic light.plane n the moonIan’s ride. Family man.Would have liked to see more of the factory.After that we went to pick up Ian’s family and his extended family. And headed down to behind Jalan Alor for some famous beef noodles.

Below pics were taken with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90

Yummy, Ivan’s family member

She joined us for dinner.

Delicious soupBeef noodles? heheOf course after dinner. We went to play some computer games haha!